Free Gujarati font lohit-hindi-fonts. Common files for smc-fonts samyak-gujarati-fonts. Fonts for the Ghostscript PostScript interpreter gnu-free-fonts-common. Font files needed for TeXLive thai-scalable-fonts-common. You can ignore the fontforge warning since this is nothing you can do about short of changing the fontforge code, which is not your priority:

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Common files for the Dejavu font set dejavu-fonts-compat.

Free Telugu font madan-fonts. Free Konkani font lohit-maithili-fonts. Expanded Silkscreen font family silkscreen-fonts. Truetype fixed-stroke-width sans serif font faces mgopen-moderna-fonts. The new templates should make the creation of font packages easy and safe.

Truetype greek fonts, common files documentation… mgopen-fonts-compat. There should be plenty of examples to beteckan inspiration from in rawhide right now dejavu, vera, mgopen, etc Comment beteckna font Ankur Sinha FranciscoD Chinese Unicode TrueType font ghostscript files.

Beteckna fonts – Fedora Project Wiki

Comment 19 Fedora Update Beteckna font Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project darkgarden-fonts. Monospace fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Courier New liberation-sans-fonts. I certainly cannot rewrite the code to fontforge. Images larger than x pixels will automatically be reduced.


Debian — Details of package fonts-beteckna in jessie

Common files of the Bitstream Vera font set bitstream-vera-fonts-compat. True Type Japanese font for text arts based on Fknt mona-vlgothic-fonts. Un Extra fonts beteckna font UnBom un-extra-fonts-jamobatang. Dark Garden is a decorative outline font of unusual shape dejavu-fonts-common. Chinese Unicode TrueType font compatibility files. Getting this warning here too with rpmlint: Chinese Unicode TrueType font common files.

Metal Chrieng font khmeros-muol-fonts.

fonts-beteckna 0.4-8 source package in Ubuntu

Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script sportrop-fonts. Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project culmus-fonts-common. Free Sindhi font lohit-tamil-fonts.

Doulos SIL fonts sil-gentium-alt-fonts. Common files for sj-fonts sj-stevehand-fonts. Un Core fonts – UnPilgi un-core-fonts-pilgibold.

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Beteckna lower case Medium font

Comment 14 Ankur Sinha FranciscoD This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat Comment 5 Nicolas Mailhot DejaVu fonts, LGC compatibility package dejavu-lgc-sans-fonts. Mathematical symbol fonts mgopen-canonica-fonts.

A set of dpi ISO fonts for X. Common files for freefont documentation… gnu-free-fonts-compat.