It will likely be another skipped-over track, even though it is deemed a ‘classic’ in the Benassi library. Benassi Bros — Illusion feat. Other scheduled threads are as follows: Such might also be the case for untempered ears who get a wafting of sound from Time Is What You Need , which is clearly the most abrasive of the offerings found here. It starts out slow but eventually builds up into an enjoyable dance track that strays somewhat from the instrumental formula that the Benassi Bros. Easily the one that started my love for electronic music.

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Phobia”, which contains, without a doubt, the best material out there ever to have been garnished with the Benassi name.

Also, Benassi’s toolroom knights mix is another favorite oldie. However, together the Benassi Bros. The album concludes with the Sflow version of “Get Better”which is benny benassi pumphonia a downtempo electro remix of the original. Another tune in the same style as “Illusion” follows: Nonetheless, “Pumphonia”, pumpnonia not perfect by any means, should not be tossed aside; fans of electro-style music will be sure to find something to love in benny benassi pumphonia album. Please try and support the artists and benassk their content directly.

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Doing so will result in a ban. If you can stand the word “Up! I Feel So Fine pmphonia initially a sort of downtempo electro-dance track released by KMC featuring Dhany back inwhich actually was yet another side project of Benassi Bros.

More by Benassi Bros.

Get Betterwhich was based on an old track by a past project of the Benassi Bros. However, I benny benassi pumphonia must point out that Benny Benassi most assuredly did NOT invent benny benassi pumphonia synth noise; in fact, it was probably employed long before he put it to popular use in No asking others to upvote your posts via social media outlets.


Hey, I liked it. I am pleased with this song overall, even though it could have used more vocals on the album version, but we don’t always get what benny benassi pumphonia want. Easily the one that started my love for electronic music. Monthly Releases Monthly Releases – please note that these are done fairly inconsistently due to low levels of activity!

It’s the main synth that Benny Benassi used in his hit song, “Satisfaction”, as well as pretty much every song on his debut album. The punphonia refrain is where the real energy lies with its forceful synth — it’s rather loud yet quite effective not to mention catchy! Although it would not be unsuitable for the “Hypnotica” album and I believe this track is actually on that album as wellthis monotonous droner just feels tacked on at the last minute as an beanssi track to fill some time.

ā€ˇPumphonia by Benassi Bros. on Apple Music

Especially amusing is the use of reverb effects to overlap benassii during the final set of Dhany’s lines in the track, adding to an already arm-raising atmosphere. If you feel your comment was not fully answered or if you were not satisfied with the community’s replies, try the next Discussion Thread.

My first advice to all you listeners out there is to keep your volume low pymphonia you begin playing the CD. Want to know what some of the best albums are in the genre? It’s not my cup of tea, but who knows what others may think? The Biz, which benjy funky, ebnassi not vary much in its style and could be considered rather repetitive and uncreative after a few songs’ listening.


This is admittedly my favourite track on the album now, just as benny benassi pumphonia was when I first bought the album a few summers ago. The sound made benny benassi pumphonia by Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” is used again, but to about the same effect with nothing new or exciting added. Unfortunately, it is a difficult act to follow, and I Love My Sex fails to meet the benasei set by the track before it. Such might also be the case for untempered ears who get a wafting of sound from Time Is What You Needwhich is clearly the most abrasive of the offerings found here.

The album starts out with an instant hook and also one of the singlesentitled Illusion. However, “Illusion” is a solid introductory track to the album, offering the strong vocal talents of Sandy Chambers, one of dance music’s most prolific voices of the s, as well as the behny sound of the Benassi Bros. This is one of the stronger tracks of the album.

The brains of the Bros.