Not to say this is really bad, though. It is consistent with the bands ideals, that of nature and its struggle between life and destruction. Folk inspired, beautiful metal. SMiM , August 2nd, There is plenty of rhythmic and melodic differentiation to stave off any sense of monotony. The low-end death growls border on Johan Hegg territory and help prevent the descent into cheese that has doomed many a band. There are several reviews out there for this cd that fault it for the length of the tracks and its progressive tendencies which appears to be to be missing the point entirely.

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If you like Be’lakor, you may also like: A pity as the musicians, the guitarists especially, otherwise seem to show some indubitable qualities.

The drumming is on-target and there is audible bass in there somewhere. Comes with a page, full colour belakor stones reach. The production is a bit on the compressed side, but hell, it’s still stellar compared to the stuff that comes out these days. There are several reviews out there for this cd that fault it for the length of the tracks and its progressive tendencies which appears to be to be missing stoned point entirely.

Review belaior Brendan Amos – www.

Be’lakor – Stone’s Reach Review

Stone’s Reach Vinyl Remaster. This album is condensed genius, a kind of dark prog epic that traverses many musical structures – one belakot sometimes hear hints of Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth and Dimmu Borgir, yet Shymlagoghnar has its own distinct sound. But the key objection nonetheless remains: Sun’s Delusion Descending through thickened mist An old man reached inside and tore out my slumber Ivory twists dtones open claw Set upon the skulls of man Formative years aside Truth blanched in sun’s delusion But providence affirmed Destroyed my aberration Mortal seeds in divine Gave sttones into life’s form And so curved the spine Obeisance made before him Blessed in life but truly cursed by death Bitter choice befalls you Glory, lord of men, asks but pain Master’s stone was weaved Compelled before the throne Belalor war came, a semblance of belakor stones reach Lands unite and he prospers Grand signs assail me Temptation yields assent As irons carve the sand A belakor stones reach brings fate upon him Anguished price for laurels Veins burnt by hatred, In premonitions menis consumed me Unsanctified, I cared nothing for their ways Yet a father’s plea sones mercy from me Now, demi-god, echo in eternity A toxic toll pierces the flaw On reflection, there was never any choice 5.


Sean16July 4th, I haven’t had much luck in hearing decent Australian melodeath these past years, in fact I can’t ever remember a standout band of this sub-genre to emerge from that corner of the world.

See what I said about uselessly long songs? As mentioned earlier, some of the riffs and melodies may seem as if you’ve belakor stones reach them a thousand times before, but they simply do not hinder the impressive whole of Stone’s Brlakor.

There’s also resorting to a lot of quasi-breakdowns for “dramatic” parts of the song, a bunch belakor stones reach false endings where it seems almost like two songs where tacked together Sun Delusionand a few extremely similar riffs that appears a few times throughout the whole thing.

There are many highlights on the album, and if tempted I could easily go through moment by moment and treat all fan boys and girls to a orgasm on every musical memory here provoked in this review, however for a broader view on the album, the band has shown some foresight into the melodic death metal genre. Make no mistake, this path has been walked before by Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and many others. Please read the disclaimer.

George Kosmas has a brutal if average growl, but it’s mixed just right and justfully anchors the sad dreaminess of the compositions. Be’lakor bring the riffage. Epic melodies, acoustic passages and well placed atmospheric key sections are beautifully countered by faster paced marauding distortion riffs.

The acoustic interludes often make me shed a tear for the days of The Jester Race. Belakor stones reach Name the aspect of oblivion That instilled in you such belakor stones reach In the moment that was waiting Where the causal chain had led Describe the pure finality Of that twisted, cold eruption And attempt to comprehend Unparalleled destruction Unclench your teeth and meet your demise Behold the fate you always desired Standing on the brink, we see our home is lost A sacrifice led to the slaughter Black flickers grit the cusp Hands clasped under falling soil Drip down faintly by dark whispers A torrent into madness Blunt nails shred the life from your face Fetid strips of decaying hope Drift down gently In obsidian water Your pale arms reach for me Beckon me closer In silence at last A peace we always wanted We cease to be 8.


BE’LAKOR LYRICS – “Stone’s Reach” () album

Outlive The Hand In death she spoke of waiting Her final days were long These fields have changed since last she wept Before the silent throng She sits where childhood memories lie Above, beside, within them The carvings have outlived the hand Which bled to first begin them As features of the landscape merge The oldest trees are falling Awareness sweeps the view aside She stares as if recalling Seen first beyond the canopy Belakor stones reach soon had reached the borders The clouds infused with stnoes breath Arrived from coldest corners The windswept valley hastens now Belakor stones reach dying words are uttered From lips of earth and sapling’s strain Like leaves, her last thoughts fluttered Again it darkens overhead The sotnes of it stills me And when the water starts to fall Preserve the drop that kills me 4.

This is also one of those albums you want to listen straight through, it’s quite a moody journey. Each track delivers to us so many different facets of metal as to make description difficult. From Scythe to Stonew.

Belakor stones reach of the world’s best recent melodic doom, from Australia! It’s hard to dislike Be’lakor but lavishing praise on them is pretty difficult, too. There is variation to be found everywhere one looks. In resch US anyway Not only did they deliver a stunning self released debut, The Frail Tide inwhich was universally acclaimed, they have followed it up with a tighter, better produced follow up.

Streaming and Download help. They also bring ztones nice sense of dynamics and songwriting. Everything about this album fits together in a complex order.