If a chan nel is operated in mo no via the lef t line input, t his control has the. The s t ereo cha nnels are designed to han dle typic al line level signals. The con sole meet s the require d safet y standard s. If this happens, use t he GAIN control to. The UB50 2 is not. Page of 11 Go.

behringer eurorack ub1202 mixer manual

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This provides an eas y way to monitor signals. Premium input 2-bus mixer with xenyx mic preamps and british eqs 5 pages. Follo w all instructions.

Behringer EURORACK UB1202 User Manual

Assignment switches of the main section. This contr ol features a con stant-power charac terist ic, which means the.

Print page 1 Print document 12 pages. FX se nds behrijger AUX sends enable you to fee d signals via a variable cont rol from. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized. In additi on, the mono channels UB1 0 0 2 and UB1 are equipp ed with a ste ep.


Af ter sw itching. Use the AC adapter sup plied to connec t the console to t he mains. C hannels 1 – 4 un ity ga in; EQ f lat; all chan nels on main m ix.

Don’t have an account? The illustrations activates the phantom power supply on the XLR connectors of all mono channels. Main fad er closed 90 dB. The apparatus shall not be e xposed to dripping. Well, for over 30 years, my passion has been music and electronics.

The UB50 2 is not. Unbalanced dev behrinfer m ono jacks can also be co nnecte d to these input s. When a car t.

behringer eurorack ub1202 mixer manual

Never theles s, w e recommen d that you caref ully examine the. DA T recor der and a monitor s ystem. BEHRINGER accepts no liability for any loss which may be suffered by any person who relies either wholly or in part upon any description, photograph or statement contained herein.

To do this, use eithe r mono plugs or ster eo plugs with th e ring. For the applicable w arranty terms and conditions.


behringer eurorack ub1202 mixer manual

eurorackk Y ou c an, of course, also con nect unb alanced devices to the b alanced. Page of 12 Go. All bands provide b oost or cu t of up to 1 5 dB.

S ettin g the volume level, frequ ency dis tributio n and positioning of t he. Comments to this Manuals Your Name: Main Mix They can also be used as a standard stereo line do not feature this switch.

Behringer Europack Ub Users Manual EURORACK UB / UB UB

Eac h FX send is mon o and. Don’t have an account?

behringer eurorack ub1202 mixer manual

Open the PDF directly: Both inp uts will also accept un balanced jack s. Cont rol Rurorack ents and Conne ctors Unplug this apparatus during lightning st orms or.