I also chose GoDaddy because I’d used them years ago and was pleased; and, having been around for so long, I figured they’d still be there 10 years from now. And yes, I know they offer a “free” evaluation download, but they want my email address, my name, my actaul address, even my phone number! Update Unrecognized Zip Code. I paid in advance for 10 years of service from this server; hope to find a solution. Boris has gone a long way to ensure that their web site contains tutorials and videos on how to use their products.

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The bad, this is only my opinion on my PC i7 OC’d to 3. You do not need a trial license key to try Vegas, for example. Presets can be saved and shared with other editors — even across host applications and platforms BCC Optical Stabilizer analyzes a shaky clip and adjusts the track’s position to compensate.

What would normally take a high-end 3D application to create can now be done in minutes inside of AE! The text object can be further deformed and animated with a number of innovative deformers such as Bend, Taper, Twist, Shatter, Ripple, Pulse, or Curl The BCC Type-On Text filter can animate 3D extruded text in true 3D space in a type-on or type-off fashion, with each letter precisely interacting with the rest of the text in 3D This filter uses state-of-the-art OpenGL technology to generate and extrude built-in primitives such as a medallion or a heart.


I was not asking for help, John.

Once the effect is added to the effect chain everything is fine, but the nuke happens when Vegas loads and initialize the effects.

On the down side it buffers lro the time and there are frequent like every ten or fifteen seconds pauses while the video catches up.

BCC Extruded Text in Sony Vegas Pro 10 : Boris FX Tutorial

It failed to give me the information I was looking for and I lost interest. A veritable Swiss Army knife of visual effects, the Continuum Complete software bundle is as useful and creatively powerful as they come. Prl watched a few and tried out BCC7, then bought it yesterday – mainly due to John’s outstanding tutorials.

Actually it is a very common concept. But it is truly a great addition to Vegas.

Lots of software sites operate this way. Those tutorials were definitely not on YT.

BCC Extruded Text in Sony Vegas Pro 10

Hi John, yes it was your excellent tutorials I was talking about. See any errors on this page? Give me a break! Similar disappointing experience with the trial.

The gegas will combine for a tremendous reach in the editing, motion graphics, and VFX communities, and have already begun work on joint projects and technologies. It’s their bottom line, so rext should just do whatever suits them. I loaded about a dozen of their plug-ins and did not have one crash however, I couldn’t see anything on the preview screen with the 3d text plugin; BCC7 says my GT says it is OK for working with.


I already get enough spam, I do not vegae any from someone whose software I may evaluate. They also have free monthly webinars that you can attend. This allows you to stabilize bcc extruded text in sony vegas pro 10 where tracking data is unreliable.

Ammons’ support and just to be clear, I peo not sense any hostility at all. IE is Internet Explorer, the web browser that comes standard with Microsoft Windows, so if they want to sell to Windows users, it is common sense their tutorials should play in IE. Unfortunately, all I get is the “turning wheel” icon indicating the video is supposedly loading from the web.

That is not free. Tect effect will enjoy the hardware benefits of your system, whether they’re accelerated by OpenGL or by multi-processing. If that was not clear, I apologize. I am immensely grateful for the news – disappointing as it is.

Larry Reavis March 14th, So while I can’t say that it never crashed, it did work for the 15 – 20 minutes it took to run through the tutorial. I appreciate the kind words. I pto two separate browsers Opera and IE.