On the other hand, the option of easily extending the model with other accommodation provider types for example, guesthouse must be retained. However, it should, if at all possible, be avoided. There may also be other factors that favor a certain table type. The components defined in the interface can be addressed in the implementation part of the class. Internal Only After completing this exercise, you will be able to: You can also refer to each component in a row as a column in the internal table.

bc401 abap objects pdf

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When you are dealing with large amounts of data, this method both saves runtime and reduces the load on the database server. An airplane object should be able to display additional technical data on request, so that a complete business application object is displayed for the user. Partner polymorphism In object-orientation, polymorphism is when instances of different classes respond differently to the same messages. SAP The function is not injective, that is, there can be several data records stored at a single address.

bc401 abap objects pdf

It offers more possibilities to solve problems that previously could not be solved with purely procedural programming languages.

Where is your two-digit group number.

wbap Some software products marketed by SAP AG and its distributors contain proprietary software components of other software vendors. Similarly, the hash algorithm is used for hashed tables. Decide for yourself how to fill the attributes.


You refer to each row in the internal table as a table row or table entry.

You can pass component names dynamically. You can only use them to assign types to table-type interface parameters.

bc401 abap objects pdf

Using Interfaces Interfaces are used to describe protocols for using components without connecting a kind of implementation. This technique is particularly useful for accessing a lot of table rows or nested tables within a loop. You sbap also create and transfer additional airplanes. However, an association can also be recursive; in this case, the class would have a relationship with itself. Internal Interface reference variables can contain references to instances of the implementing class at runtime.

Therefore, during single-record access, the private attribute for the airplane type could be used in the WHERE clause. Strictly speaking, to adhere to the delegation principle, the reading pcf the attribute values and their output should not be implemented in the same method. However, implementation of a room reservation — keeping the same semantics — is not conceivable for airlines or car rental companies.

No part of this documentation may More information. Accesses to character and byte-type elementary data objects are allowed using offset and length specifications. As with regular inheritance, the definition of an interface means an abstraction of the implementing classes to a specific partial aspect. Furthermore, we want to sort the table by various criteria at a later stage.

3 (BC ABAP Objects) – PDF Free Download

Modularization units — for example, subroutines or function modules — can be encapsulated. This means that, with larger tables, the access time is reduced significantly in comparison with a binary search.


The dynamic type and not the static pdv of the reference variable is used to search for the implementation of a method. As the signature may not be changed, you do not need to define the method parameters and exceptions again.

When you use these statements, you must ensure that the sort sequence remains untouched. Partner Access type SAP Key definition The key columns and their sequence determine the criteria by which the system identifies table rows.

Wherever such concepts are discussed in this course material, we tried to mention the release or enhancement pack as off which they are available. This class is used to describe every object that derives from it.

BC401 ABAP Objects

The number of rows in an internal table is limited only by the capacity of the specific system with which you are working. SAP The above example shows the definition of a sorted table and a hashed table. Internal After completing this exercise, you will be able to: You can still use the output statement later.

bc401 abap objects pdf

The interface always contains at least the same components as the implementing class.