Fixed a bug where BBEdit would crash when running Format Markup from a text factory when encountering a document with parser errors. It’s too bad it’s so inflexible. Almost everything that comes for free with Cocoa is implemented by Barebones. Install a low-level Carbon Event handler so we can do window proxy drags from the background like the Finder and Cocoa apps. For information on changes made in previous versions of BBEdit, please see the release notes archive.

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Look Up in Dictionary now appears on the contextual menu when you right-click on a single word selected or not in a text view.

Even stronger reasons then why dropping support for AppleScript is not the way to go. When viewing differences, sub-line differences are highlighted in the selected range. If you know how to use it it is a very powerful application.

At this writing, the only forms supported are for generic lookups: This gives modules greater control over which runs of text are eligible for spell checking. Fixed a bug where the Paste command appeared disabled in navigation services dialogs. BBEdit does do 68k assembly though.


BBEdit – Buggin’ My Life Away

I think this one just comes with age. Use what works for you quote: Now that BBEdit has started to do more things, its performance is slowing a bit too particularly if inline spell-check is on I hear. In fact, the html in BBEdit is much much more polished and powerful than the support for any other language.

Jul 20, Posts: Feb 24, Posts: This applies to applies to old-style pre-grep CLMs, too. On the off chance that John Siracusa is reading this thread: This change affects the folder scanners used by: TM looks cool but that just blew it for me.

BBEdit 8.5

BBEdit’s bbinclude functionality something that probably took BareBones a few weeks or months of developer hours was added to a TextMate bundle over the course of a week’s discussion on the TM mailing list, by users, without any intervention from Allan at all.

Fixed a regression where re-opening a document such as double-clicking it in the Finder would cause the undo stack to be cleared. I don’t want ot get into a “my text editor is better than your editor” flame-fest.

It’s too bad it’s so inflexible. Sep 9, Posts: That would be vi, of course. Fri Sep 08, 5: Fri Sep 08, 2: Adjusted metrics in Disk Browser and File Group item lists. BBEdit has great support for big files.


BBEdit is out – our most beloved text editor now with code folding – Ars Technica OpenForum

Fixed bug in which markers whose names began with a hyphen were turned into separators on the Marker menu. In HTML, the trailling ; on an entity is optional. It’s applescript forced into a semi-pythonic box.

The factory default interval is ten minutes. The File Path popup has been removed from the tool bar.

BBEdit 8.5.1

Really, very happy indeed. Disk browser windows get the rounded push buttons Perforce submission form windows get the rounded push buttons The ASCII Table palette gets round pushbuttons. It does inline spell-checking where appropriate, and sucks out lines for foldings, indentation, and the symbol list based on separate sets of regular expressions, which must be matched bbediit each line.