Kto nie idzie z nami, ten przeciwko nam. Tell me what to do with this? Nvm now it worked. Try disable uBlock or any other blocking extension. There are 2 things to check there click the one on the top.

battlelog plugin bf3

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Okay I’ve switched to IE just to play battlefield, but everytime I try to join a friend or server, the browser will load another window of battlelog and not load the game. For Firefox see my fix: Had to login in Hardline, then the Option appeared.

Then try set WebHelper.

Could not verify the game Test 3: You cant launch the game at all? Chrome 45 or Edge?

* Plugin free Battle – Forums – Battlelog / Battlefield 3

I found the fix for this Switched back to BF4-Battlelog, gf3 magically the option appeared. Worked for two days and I can’t play again Can’t launch the game.

It will do it continuously if I try to join a server or friend that’s in game. To anyone still getting problems with the plug in that are using chrome, look at the right side of the address bar for a puzzle piece with a red X on it and click this icon, then click “Always allow plug-ins to run on battlelog.


The problem for me was Chrome was blocking it. As you have noticed the whole flow breaks for some languages and content when you have Origin set to another language than English. Only solution – IE.

Web plugin 2.5.0_148 doesn’t install in Chrome!

Please Sign out of Battlelog and Sign in again. It does install, you just have to click at the puzzle icon in the top corner and allow it plugon run. I have made short sticky how to get it to work on Answers HQ: Also, please tell if the above fixed it We will update this thread with more information shortly. In the meantime report back here if you have any problems and describe in detail what you see.

battlelog plugin bf3

So if you use FireFox you can still activate the plugin free option from your profile page. I did that thingy with the batrlelog up in the right corner of chrome, it lounches but then i get another error message saying i have an invalid license.


My issue was a dev edition of chrome.

* Plugin free Battlelog (Chrome 45 and Edge)

Make sure that your browser isn’t blocking the Battlelog plugin. Today Chrome 45 was plkgin and with that you can no longer use the Battlelog Web plugin when launching a game from Battlelog. Kto nie idzie z nami, ten przeciwko nam. Can’t get past TEST 1.

Web plugin _ page 5/6 – Forums – Battlelog / Battlefield 3

I got it now. There are 2 things to check there click the one on the top.

Thanks you should get something like this – http: Nvm now it worked. Hey i had the same problem it turns out chrome automaticly blocks plugins on batlelog you can turn that of on the search bar: I went to filehippo.

battlelog plugin bf3