They build the village from scratch,training and mustering enough force to destroy a Lotus Clan village nearby. Decent health, low attack power. You’ll face a few Lotus Clan units kill them, naturally and when you have moved far enough north a cutscene with Yvaine will occur. Now a Sledger accompanies you. Leave a swordsman by the rice patch so if any peasants are left he will automatically get them. The construction of a Cairn is not to be undertaken lightly, and relatively few Wolf settlements raise one; however, where they are built, Wolves consider the ground sanctified, and forever after consider such land theirs by divine right. When you see Shinja in the watchtower let Otomo beat on it a sec and make Kenji stand still to recover stamina.

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His BG can boost the attack of all nearby units, very useful. Now just go kill the keep.

Grayback’s Journey | Battle Realms Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Good defense and Damage. A first tier unit that comes from the Ballistics Ground. Of course, the Spiders!

Like other Serpent Clan, Taro believes the strong must rules the weak. Useful but not super important. When you take down the Keep ole bitchass will come out, make sure you fight him with a hero.


Battle Realms – Walkthrough/FAQ

Good melee fighters, they can be blessed by Druidesses to get Sapping Ritual, which helps weaken enemy watchtowers while boosting your surrounding units defense. When you have 1 Yin run back to base.

Rush to the tower with your Sledgers and demolish it fast, before it charges the Lightning! Here, massive Wolf fighters learn the art of breaking shale with their bare hands, just as other and, to a Wolf’s mind, lesser martial artists break boards. Send your units along the road, but pause before crossing the river to recover stamina.

When he goes down you will see a cutscene. Longtooth is quite useful, since he’s the only one who has long-range attack! Move on and destroy the Watchtower that is guarding a few Prison Cells.

To make Shale Armor, break the rice bin close to the Shalery. Once you’ve built your Keep, get all of the Zen Masters. Make 2 more archers to help protect your rice. Get him by taking the center route to Swans Pool. I know its ugly, but I’m working on content right now, I might pretty it up a little later.

This one is not too battle realms graybacks journey. Build it when you got the resources to spare.

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Kayzer76th – GameFAQs

You probably will encounter the poisonous gas; don’t worry! After jokrney clear out the bottom of the jourrney next to your base regroup across the river from the base.


Winter of the Wolf and all its characters and logos are copyright c Crave Entertainment, Inc. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Berserker A fairly fast melee fighting unit. This one can be hard. The relationship of the Wolf Clan to its totem animal is far from symbolic. After you defend your base join your two groups and destroy everything.

Grayback’s Journey

BUild up your base by adding a Wolves’ Den and have a peasant capture all the horses in the area for wolf traybacks and a Vitality Garden so you can add Druidesses to your attacking force. You’ll also want to build a Ballistics Ground, a Well and a Shalery. Saving Your Healers – If you don’t want your healing units Channelers, Geisha, Fan Geisha running into the thick of battle, don’t group them with your attacking joirney.

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