The second album from this band and an album which is high on the alltime best RPI albums list. The opening track L’Evoluzione starts with a sinister minor chord melody, quickly evolving into a delightful madrigal, featuring DiGiacomo’s superb emotive vocals. Its clumsy jazz with near dissonance and fake humour is just a plain flaw. Banco have certainly peaked my interest, and twice they delivered big for me when first discovering their music. At any rate, this album is just gorgeous, and one of the most interesting listens from this band, hands down. The closing track has the particularity to be longer time-wastage to type than its duration actually lasts. Indeed the double KB attack chooses to step back a bit on what they’d done on their debut, the “slack” being picked by Todaro’s Hackettian guitar.

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If someone were to say, “So what is this Italian prog thing all about?

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso:Darwin! (1972)

Some harpsichord and vocals before other instruments join. Love is far more than instinct to breed, it can stir powerful emotions. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Danza Tempo are two atrocious “faute de gout”, an accusation aggravated by the presence of Miserere.

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso:Darwin! () | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Banco’s music relates to VDGG in many ways, it’s very theatrical, emotional, playful, virtuosic, dramatic, original and absolutely free, meaning almost anything can happen in the course of a song. Still, it is not easy to approach and needs quite a few spins to get into it.


It was while listening to this record that I was finally able to dismiss my prejudice against RPI. The contrast underlines the clash between the instinct of freedom and the need of socialization. Im totaly agree with Ivan Melgar and clarke Perhaps he was a failed or frustrated opera singer. First darwih all, very professional music, as often in RPI.

This is just fantastic classic prog from the classic prog era.

Later some great growling Moog as the band dies out and just harpsichord is present. Later some awesome Soccoso playing.

Banco managed to create sel very distinctive sound due to the unique, unconventional interplay between the two Nocenzi brothers on keyboards, which is a prominent feature in the mix, since banco del mutuo soccorso darwin classically-trained musicians were in charge of the orchestrations and the basic harmonic writing. The nocenzi brothers are at the top of their form here, demonstrating their incredible talent. The composition and use of instruments to convey the theme are clever, and there is so much variety and oddity in the tracks – and within tracks – that it keeps you listening intently and enjoying immensely.

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso – Darwin!.jpg

RPI is a very rich, imaginative and melodic type of symphonic prog, and as can banco del mutuo soccorso darwin deducted from the ratings, fans of the classic UK sympho hegemony that know the Italian scene devour it like sweet cake.

Piano and vocals again before drums and bass join in to finish it. And I will finally admit that after all these listens to Banco materials: Di Giacomo shines on “, Banco del mutuo soccorso darwin Fa Tweet Recent reviews by this author.


Get it, listen to it on headphones, imagine and enjoy. Purists turned their back baanco this new version, but it is actually very well performed, even though it has lost the vintage s Italian flavor.

This is one of my preferred track of the album. Banco apparently featured some interesting lyrical notions on the subject And thus ends this incredible album. It is again the occasion for Franceso DiGiacomo to display some wonderful vocals I really like his singing style. In the case of BANCO, the band continued their heavy driving double keyboard drama with an outstanding emphasis on overlapping classical attacks of bombastic ELP styled Hammond organ runs along with Moog synthesizers and the tender yet stylistically challenging piano riffs.

I will give you two or three more unnecessary informations: This album has its fast and calm nanco Francesco DiGiacomo is slightly overshadowed by the music here, and isn’t allowed to reach such artistic heights as on the marvellous Io Sons Nato Libero.

You probably won’t like it at first. The majestic “L’Evoluzione” opens the album, providing some of the best moments ever recorded by this band along with “Canto Nomade per un Prigioniero Politico”. Thanks a bunch for your magic touch on the review once again, Nag.