I will not pay for 3rd party tech support when i pay for the subscription. Avast Evangelist Super Poster Posts: I had to finally download and install Avast Pro 3 times and install 3 times and after each install run repair and reboot mulitiple times to get to a point that I could successfully use the licence insertion and then use the activation code. Thanks for the quick reply but the file i keep getting sent is the file that tells me it is an invalid license file. I can log into avast and see my licenses.

avast pro antivirus 7 lizenzdatei

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Trying to recover avast from a crashed HD and am having issues with my recovered license file.

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I have the proper software installed and followed the instructions carefully. April 13, If so just save that to your hard drive and then double click it avast should then insert the license.

Have you got the license file I believe it is license. MartinZhectic-mmvpetr. Chris what your saying seems spot on. Antivius take license or activation code. Sorry am no expert in IT so you have to explain lizenzdattei simple terms I have done that already I deleted donwloaded the file again from the email and it still does the same thing.

I have asked for the licence key they emailed it to me, followed the steps from your link get error message file avaast be uploaded.


Reinstall Avast with the downloaded installer from point 1. I have the same problems with licence files and activation token on a Windows 7 machine where the licence is set to antifirus in a weeks time.

Avast Evangelist Super Poster Posts: In this casecan you delete it?

avast pro antivirus 7 lizenzdatei

Uh, no, you got the wrong number. I have tried inserting the file multiple ways with no success. Restart service just comes back with the same message and Exit of course exits. I need answer from Avast on what to do. And another thing that they did they accessed my user account on element 5 customer care centre page and it showed the proper details from the original order.

I think that having to go to that much trouble, which is not too much trouble for me, is more than the average person could be expected to do. Keep reinstalling the product until one gets lucky and the product finally lieznzdatei the licence?

avast pro antivirus 7 lizenzdatei

I had read the license file and it was the correct one but I did not know I could have manually inserted the file within the program files in the correct subdirectory. They took my money this year for both antivirus programs and mulitiple licenses real quick but left me in the ditch.

The need to know that much about every app you use, while interesting, is more than you should need to know about. March 04, I do not think Avast should be emailing customers telling them their virus protection is going to expire when they have them on auto renew, and I do not think your product should stop working if you have auto renew.


Help with avast pro, doesn’t see licence key/file

Chris just to be clear i am doing this for a customer so i don’t have access to the account just yet as it lizehzdatei late. What is the solution to this situation?

I have downloaded from www. Ahh badly phrased For the system where it is not accepting the licence Resend the e-mail to that computer Copy Avastlic to the desktop and then double click it Do you have the file avastlic that was in the e-mail? Is it possible to get the code send instead of the license file? I even installed the 4. Always in your accounthave you more than “Download licence”also “Activation code” I had almost the same problem Here Support avast said me to try with activation code instead of licence file and it works well Edit: I will not pay for 3rd party tech support when i pay for the subscription.

It does not take much time to check, after you liaenzdatei perform a clean installation as indicated by Asyn. Home Help Search Login Register.

avast pro antivirus 7 lizenzdatei