When you open a plug-in instrument of effect, you have access to its parameters – and you can move them in an instant! Komuso and I surely cant be the only ones still interested in this. Having both the screen on my device and on my computer screen seems fantastic to me. Automap’s edit page graphically shows you the entire control surface, labelling each control so you can see exactly what is assigned to what. As before, little or no user setup is required and control of your software can be customized just the way you like it, no matter what sequencer you use. After it arrives we should be able to have things working within a few releases on our side.

automap universal 2.0

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automap universal 2.0

These are accompanied by eight user-assignable uiversal buttons and a smooth, professional 45mm cross-fader. But there are just a few basic niggles that are stopping the full transition.

Novaton Music Automap Now Available for ReMote users – Modulate This!

That said, I still want this update — to me, it finally delivers on all the promise of the whole Automap concept. See what you are controlling When you open a plug-in instrument of effect, you have access to its parameters – and you can move them in an instant! Hi Peeps Does it look like reaper will ever have native support for Automap Universal?


Just so i know at whom i should direct my begging.

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Nocturn is due to ship worldwide in Q1, If anyone has a recipe for making something bad happen with Reaper and Novation, please give it over.

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In addition, the FX Browser would not be unnecessarily cluttered. Novation has always had lovely little screens built into their hardware.

automap universal 2.0

I have no idea if anything will require changing on their side, or if it does what the time frame would be. Perhaps it will come tomorrow Multiple Device and Plug-in management tasks can also be accessed directly from this screen, auotmap quick and convenient maintenance of multiple clients and hardware units in even the most complex set-up.

I’d love to see native Novation Aktomap 2. Despite having knobs and sliders, most MIDI controllers are no good at controlling plug-ins. That means no messing around with templates, assignment editors, and configuration, and the ability to quickly gain control of your software when editing or performing.

The trickiest bit was figuring out how to expand beyond the first set of controls how to get the knobs to have more than one functionespecially getting the autoapinstand mixer buttons on the bottom right of the colontrler to work I figured out pages pretty quickly.

Reaper could act as an intermediate layer, interpreting the controller data differently for each plugin or interface element. I realize that there are some manual templates in the Reaper Resources and those work well, but full Automap Support would be even better.


Is this a job for novation or for reaper? With Automap 3, you can drag and drop parameters onto controls.

New Novation Automap 3 Pro Control Supports Multiple Hardware Devices – ProSoundWeb

I’ve looked into the Automap 2. Dynamic control is fantastic. Now, Automap 3 Pro seeks to address those two remaining areas: It would be good if Reaper could detect the Automap-enabled i. Automap Automap 4 is the brand new version of Novation’s Automap control software.

Good will from your users is more valuable, Novation — and in the long run, could have a bigger impact on your bottom line. I would love to use them both in Reaper.

automap universal 2.0

The SL would be great to control Reaper’s mixer functions like it does so well in Cubase, Sonar, etc. The ‘learn’ function means 20 can instantly assign knobs, faders and buttons. OK, as of today I have a Nocturn for testing.

Automap 3 configuration for Reaper: Could there be a generic “automap” like functionality that will work with auhomap controllers? Submit a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.