This section provides options to view the Original image without the effects applied. Mist Brush realistic mist across an image with ease. Improvements Since Previous Version This edition adds 6 effects to its previous existing portfolio of 27, bringing the total to This package is really fun to use and will produce some very interesting effects. Now bring it to your desired level of perfection without working so hard. Ethereal Ethereal enhances an image by adding in tonal diffusion and light to soften and enrich the lighter values in the image.

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By combining and reordering different layers on the auofx you can generate new visual results. Here you get options such as the convenient Light Brush tool — this allows you to brush over the area outside the stream of light, thus giving you control over lighting conditions around and outside the stream of light.

Auto FX Mystical Lighting and Ambiance 2.0

When projects get done early, you can take a little more time on your lunch break or go home early today and do the things you want to do. In this training video you will learn how to use the Masking Layer aytofx to let you combine different effects together while protecting areas of your scene from change.

While you can produce an eye-catching supernova explosion, for example, you can just as easily add a subliminal twinkle to an image of a candle.

Presets From the Presets window, you can choose any of the available preset effects, and apply these on the active picture. Choose from hundreds of pre-made shadows to create the desired look. What I didn’t know when I started to use it is that it also has a photo correction component. Ambiance Club Lights By using Club Lights and adding streaks, bursts, or waves of light, you can create a dazzling image with dramatic flair that looks like a shot out of a dance autofx mystical lighting.


Shaders Cast shading through the photo to increase the depth naturally. Using ellipse paths you define the areas of coverage, the tonal values, radius, softness, cast amount and colors and other settings that give you precise controls.

This edition features a simple redesigned interface and adds 6 effects to its previous existing portfolio of 27, bringing its total number of visual lighting effects to This includes integrated support for layers and transparency features.

Cast beams of light across the scene and bring out light values while the background is autofx mystical lighting.

Just pick what you want to change and click apply. Now you can use this time to increase your profits. Brush and paint across the photo to create a romantic, somber, or serious mood. Photoshop CS and higher Platforms: Useful to get the best-finalized looks for advertising or that perfect shot you took of your kid playing the best game autofx mystical lighting their lives.

Auto FX Mystical Lighting and Ambiance | Photoshop Plug-in

Please check your local sales tax laws. Regular Presets autofx mystical lighting and replay a single effect. By combining the Mottled Background and Edge Highlights you can turn an ordinary head shot into a autofx mystical lighting portrait. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Some productivity and control features are: Flare Flare creates bursts of light and glowing vortex shapes to simulate mysticap wide variety of looks from a realistic suns to sci-fi styled rays of light.


Focal Effects Produce the realism seen in film because your digital camera doesn’t know how to see in depth. See any errors on this page?

If you notice the double ellipses on the image, these define the areas for the filter to take effect. You can make light rays originate from any shape.

Improved high-resolution layer content makes for better shadow play and fairy dust effects. Light and shading blend and interact with each other to generate incredible results. Lens Flare Add lens flares onto an image to simulate autofx mystical lighting striking the lens. To begin with, the level of control is extraordinary.

Depending upon the effect you choose from the Select Effect list, you’ll get context sensitive properties here that allow customization and fine-tuning of various parameters. Welcome to the future in photo editing now. As you adjust your onscreen controls Mystical Lighting renders the changes. So if there is a problem with a photo or an image, you can correct it within the program itself.