Canvas elements can export their content as an image blob using canvas. Retrieved February 19, Gamepad API finalized and enabled. Moved the mobile bookmarks folder to the main bookmarks menu for easier access. Details button on Crash Reporter. Drag and drop enabled for nodes in Inspector markup view. Added support for the font-stretch CSS property.

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That link is quite outdated. Anyway, did you look through firebug whether the display is overwritten or not? Retrieved January 1, Smoother animation and scrolling. Retrieved October 9, Detect Websense to protect users from a startup crash.

Lazy frame construction for faster dynamic pages. Retrieved June 6, How are apps able to add themselves in the market?

Firefox version history

aurlra Added support for multiple content processes e10s-multi. We’ve got your back. Aurora 14.0a2 for a top crash in the JavaScript engine.


Added context menu controls to HTML5 audio and video that let users loops files or play files at 1.

Firefox Aurora 14.0a2 System Requirements

I suspect your router bug is https: It now also allows to inspect objects in context. Improved responsiveness for users on proxies. Improved performance and stability with the 14.0a JavaScript engine.

Web 1.40a2 changes Ability to view, start, and debug registered Service Workers in the Service Workers developer tool Ability to simulate Aurora 14.0a2 messages in the Service Workers developer tool aurora 14.0a2 button for service workers in about: New Winstripe theme refresh: New search UI improved and enabled for more locales. Diagnostic information on timing for tab switching.

Download Mozilla Firefox a2 Aurora for Windows –

Native support for the Opus audio format added. Retrieved June 23, My desktop Aurora does not update itself automatically – I have to do it manually. More Cocoa regression fixes. Aurora 14.0a2 October 2, Retrieved January 14, Retrieved July 22, Blocks aurora 14.0a2 from downloaded files.


Paint flashing for browser content repaints. Right-to-left locales will now display the search bar correctly. Improved spell checking for some locales. Site-specific preference service, used initially for text zoom, allowing zoom setting to remain on each website.

Retrieved July 14, Added support for HTML5 context menus. Fixed a startup crash with EMET.