Well done with this version! You can choose whether you want to hear your modified voice in your speakers by clicking the “Duplex” button. It’s possible to modify the tone of your voice by using the graphic equalizer embedded in this software. Your download is ready! See our Privacy Policy. Change your voice over IP and PC to phone in real time; record voice, voice chat, music; enhance voice; add audio and background effects; compare changed voice with another voice for simulation purposes, create voices for dubbing, morph music. On the audio codecs and audio files supported by the program

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Run VCS Recorderspeak to the microphone, play a song, or start a voice conversation, then press the Record button to record the morphed voice. When you have submitted a free key, you will have 3 female nickvoices and 3 male nickvoices to evaluate the output result.

Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. I love the depth of the program and my kid loves my chanber Yoda voice when we Skype!. Digitally signed Virtual Audio Driver.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 6.0.10

How to use parody maker and mixer? These presets will make you sound like a baby, like an opera singer, or even like the opposite sex. How do I save recorded files in MP3 as well as in other formats? See our Privacy Policy.


Built-in audio player to play imported files or to preview your morphing work, in various audio file formats. Analyze 4 fundamental audio4fun av voice changer diamond of your voice: When you wish to apply this settings, click the Nickvoices button and choose the Load command to open and load the file into used.

How to use Parody Maker and Parody Mixer? Sit back, put your headphone on and enjoy your finest audio comfort right at your one-stop audio4ufn workstation. VCS can change the vocals, and apply several effects to the audio files. Powerfully private Aaudio4fun more data charges to download unwanted content. Easily create your own, high quality voice overs for movie, radio, narration, and more.

The app also allows you to record sources online and through your computer and adjust the voices yourself. When you wish to apply this settings, click the Load button on Parody Mixer panel and select that. The interface doesn’t show up on my desktop. On the audio codecs and audio files supported by the program Internet Explorer 11 The program’s user interface is skinnable giving you access to multiple effects that can be added to your voice in real-time.

[Official] AV Voice Changer Software Diamond – Realtime male, female, celebrity voice editor

The five left bands are bass frequencies, and the right are trebles. After using Parody Maker to create a desired parody voice, click OK to close Parody Makerturn on the Parody Dhanger on the main panel, changed the Save button within the Parody Mixer panel without making any changes on itdefine a name for the new file and save it. How do I record and save the changed voice?


You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. This means that it’s compatible with virtually every media software. The advanced virtual driver technology makes it possible to connect AV Voice Changer Software Diamond to most VoIP programs, role-playing games or audio4fun av voice changer diamond chat applications.

Voice changing software: Questions About Usage And Problems

Pause is enabled during voice recording in Parody Maker. Changed 3D Pinball – Space AV Voice Changer Software is fun although it’s not really useful for anything that playing practical jokes or morphing someones voice to protect their identity. Add-on Library Take advantage of our large, growing, online library of free voice and sound effects packs. Change voice on Blizzard Battle.

Voice Changer Software Diamond Tutorials

It creates a complete home audio workstation that provides all the tools you need to create your own great recordings.

Download and installation help. Microphone Avnex Virtual Audio Device.