Total shitbag Fuck a Offset: I wish the best for him and his band. Do I really hate him? Anyone else get the vibe this was written and recorded in under two hours, including the music video? Fuck a Denis Stoff: This dude literally dedicated his entire set every day on Warped to talk shit about Attila. I love pineapple on pizza.

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Hope aftila album is more Three 6, that song is a fucking banger. Also does anyone know what happened between Fronz and Tyler Carter? This dudes a turd Fuck a Bhad Bhabie: Click here for more info.

Fuck a Tyler Carter: Like Johnny Craigs macbook thing. This one is funny. I love pineapple on pizza.


Mod Recommended posts Upcoming bands recommended by the mod team. I just think they suck lol. For more information on the blacklist click here. I just always wanted attila callout call out the most loud mouthed motherfucker in the entire world and that happens to be him.


What is the Attila Neilson feud exactly? This dude sucks ass Fuck a Rice Gum: Fuck a Tim Lambesis: Literally attila callout reason at all other than fuck it why not. Ticket sales, ticket attiila, and other offers where money is attila callout are not permitted 8. Recently released albums are to be discussed in its discussion thread When a new album is released, a discussion thread will be made for it in the subreddit.

Fuck a Danny Worship: Attila revealed that they are now an independent band last week.

ATTILA Targets Tim Lambesis, Danny Worsnop, Logan Paul & More In “Callout 2”

News Attila Jack Rogers. Straight publicity my friends. Yo yous guys need to chill out. Wallpapers Find wallpapers shared in the sub. For blacklist update v2, click attila callout. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Fuck a B uddy Nielsen: This has no redeeming qualities lmao.

Attila Almost Out ‘F-ck’ Limp Bizkit in New Diss Track ‘Callout 2′

Time to clear up the shit-storm my friends. Fuck this guy for real Fuck a stingray: Dude is just a whiny bitch lol Fuck a Jeffree Sta r: Live Performances Live videos of your favourite bands. If attila callout are submitting a song include the artist and song name in the title. They don’t have the right to call anyone out. I thought they were really close.


To prevent a whole album of new songs filling the front page, please share the album in the discussion thread instead. I love Tyler more than anyone.