You can download the new Atomic Mail Sender 9. Microsoft 3D Pinball – Space We are glad to inform you about Atomic Email Sender 9. We present to you the brand new version of Atomic Mail Sender 9. Long waited Atomic Mail Sender 3.

atomic mail sender 7.11

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The bug that occurred during link formation for Google Analytics has been fixed Data export has been improved Senrer can download Atomic Mail Sender 8.

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Type your search here:. Now you can control your email campaign by monitoring who opens and reads email, who clicks links or loads images. The bug connected with email processing is fixed.

atomic mail sender 7.11

We hope that if you never had a chance to use Atomic Mail Sender, you will give this great 4. We are waiting for your comments concerning AMS 4.

atomic mail sender 7.11

The new Mail Sender 9. The bug that occurred during SSL connection in Windows 8 is fixed. Atomic Web Catalogue is a database of approximately 1. We have a habit of giving away large discounts on our software quite often, so make sure you follow the news and check the discount page. Bug when adding account into Bounce Analyzer sended Create and send a bug report to the customer support when software registration issues take place You can download the updated Atomic Mail Sender 9. Pokemon Emerald Version 1.


Read the editor’s review. If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info? The improved bulk emailer includes such new features: Save your time and money! Download the latest Atomic Mail Sender from our website: Software Free Download Soft Some bugs are fixed; Some improvements for better integration with Atomic Email Tracker; Windows Vista support; Many improvements in UI; We would like to thank you in advance for your hard work in testing this version.

You can start the unsubscribe wizard and in a few clicks remove subscribers from your list:. Last update 10 Feb. Please note that when you choose the program language during installation, it affects the email templates language English or Russian. The new version can be downloaded at our site.

Updated Atomic Mail Verifier version

You can start the unsubscribe wizard and in a few clicks remove subscribers from your list: We picked the most popular Sender templates and added new designs. SMTP checker – after you enter your SMTP connection data in the settings the program will try to connect to your server and verify that connection can be established.

Atomic Whois Explorer See all 7 programs. You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. Delivery Report saving for large email lists fixed Blacklist Export for large email lists fixed Address book export added The progress for the long time Address book operations has been displayed Quick Address book clearing Bugs when email list is importing to the Address book fixed You can download the updated Atomic Mail Sender 9.


The improved version Atomic Mail Sender 9. It looks like many email clients, but without that embarrassing exposure of email addresses and with much more powerful features concerning sending email and tracing email sent.

In this case, the deactivated version stays installed but goes back to a trial mode. Today, modern businesses require immediate delivery of messages to hundreds of thousands and even millions of recipients. Internet Explorer senderr Atomic Mail Sender updated 3. Login is available at http: For a business with 10, people on their mailing list, the price of our software is comparable with one month of email marketing service.