For the past 25 years he has been residing in India, in the sacred place of Vrindavan, the holy dham of Lord Krishna. He sings verses from the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and the Brahma Samhita as he plays the flamenco guitar combined with Indian raga. We would pray together on special occasions. If you would like to set up a program with Atmarama Dasa please contact us at: Many devotional artists collaborated on this album, coming together to create this masterpiece, demonstrating the maturity of Atmarama’s musical genius. The seed of Bhakti became planted in my heart.

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The memory of that visit is still fresh in my mind. I always liked to play and make jokes. Is someone behind this creation? He is in the midst of them dssa the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

One must go though it with firm faith in order to understand the intricacies of material entanglement in order to become atmarama dasa from them and come to taste the sweet nectar of Krishna Consciousness. I would like to gradually meditate upon them and share them with all atmarama dasa you.

Atmarama Dasa, devotional singer and composer of sacred music, has become known for his power to transmit bhakti — spiritual devotion and shakti — divine energy. Create a new account. At the end of the seventies it was a time of political transition in Spain from a dictatorship under Franco to the Monarchy and establishment of democracy; during which I had an atmarama dasa change of my own.


Yearly he travels from continent to continent — touching thousands of hearts and lives. Through the practice of bhakti yoga I became grounded once again. He realized that he could use his God given gift of music to bring light into the darkness of modern society. The seed of Bhakti became planted atmaraama my heart. About this person Retreats Reviews Center. Create a new account Login.

Atmarama dasa – Teacher – Retreat Guru

His soaring, tenor voice sings from the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, atmarama dasa the Brahma Samhita as he plays the flamenco guitar combined with Indian raga.

At that time it was normal to leave home early. Feel the powerful vibration of the maha mantra and the transcendental joy it brings about from within. China Atmarama dasa pdf. It piqued my interest and inspired me to visit the Hare Krishna temple for the first time. An event with Atmarama is one full of devotion incorporating timeless wisdom with Sanskrit songs and chants. Gradually I understood that the best way to live my life was to be engaged in devotional service to Krishna.

Atmarama dasa

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm Almost thirty years has past since then. I atmarmaa change a thing about our lives now, but it would be so wonderful to remember what it’s atmzrama to ‘just be us. Why am I in the middle of this? Here, from Vrindavan, it is not easy to bring up the memories of my life. At quite a young age I was on my own and started to write songs while studying atmarama dasa in the University and music in the Conservatory.


Atmarama dasa Write a review. I recall that I was born into a family whom for centuries going back many generations were admirals in the Spanish navy. My mother was always by my side but my father, being a military man, was atmarama dasa happy that I was growing up spoiled for my mother and sisters.

Or click on the retreat types that you’re interested in. Who am I really?

Sometimes during lunchtime I would play the piano to take my mind off the fact that I had nothing to eat – student life. Retreat Types Enter a keyword. Atmarama dasa is a devotional singer, atmarama dasa music composer and expert musician; who has become well fasa for his power to transmit devotion and spiritual energy. September 22 –