This book, “Ashes in the Wind” is my 1 all-time favorite book and I have rea 1,s. I have kept this one in order to re-read it once a year or so. I have enjoyed them all, but without a doubt this one was my favorite. What’s New – Home – Login. View all 11 comments. Nov 10, Neisha rated it it was amazing Shelves:

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The ashes in the wind kathleen woodiwiss, and most, of the story takes place in Louisiana especially New Orleansand ends in Minnesota. Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen E. Non questa volta, l’autrice si prende tutto il tempo per intrecciare una trama affascinante e ben riuscita. It’s incredible that a book published back in such as this one still reigns supreme compared to the spewing potboilers shedding from romance shelves these days.

Here, the heroic pining at the end isn’t forced, it isn’t egregious and it isn’t so blatantly one-sided from the hero! I was young and was not interested in reading and my grandmother handed me this book. Visit the Help Center – Close X. The Yankees take her family and her home and finally, even her identity. When DuBonne’s advances become difficult to fend off, Cole offers Alaina marriage after Roberta passes away.


Hawthorne’s niece and finally Alaina can act like a lady for once.

Okay I guess I am ready to write my review for this book. Will be anxiously awaiting your reply. KEW’s plots and settings again reign supreme crafting a circumstance which has “Al” inexplicably save a drunk and unconscious Cole from the river one night. wond

Escribe tan bien esta mujer, tiene unas descripciones tan buenas. Strong prose and vivid settings makes everything better and Woodiwiss definitely excels on both accounts. I definitely understand why I liked it kathlesn a young woman. Profound emotion and love scenes that make your toes curl without a graphic detail included make this one for the ages. Y Alaina me gusta mucho, no como la insoportable de Shanna.

A Journal Of My Reviews: Ashes in the Wind, by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss [4]

An incensed Roberta wakes to find Alaina’s virgin blood on the bed Cole sleeps in and kahtleen steps to trap him. Mar 21, Kimberly Carrington-Fox rated it it was amazing Shelves: Admittedly, one of my biggest pet peeves in a story is the whole “girl-in-pants” deal. It was however, so completely over the top that it left me breathless at the end You get the wretched feelings of being torn apart by loyalties and ideas of decency and when they get sacrificed.

He was bullied into a marriage he didn’t really want in the beginning, and was very much the tortured “big-baby” hero for most of the 2nd half of the book. I purchased this on Kindle. Open Preview See a Problem?


Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen Woodiwiss

And I hated the way Alaina treated him. Alaina MacGarenCole Latimer. Thanks for telling us ashes in the wind kathleen woodiwiss the problem. Don’t miss reading this one! Jacques reappears, and Cole’s stepmother Tamara Latimer also makes an appearance to explain some of the intrigue from part one. Since this was another special moment in time, I decided to pick this “keeper” I had given five stars to back up to see if time had changed with how I felt then.

Nov 10, Neisha rated it it was amazing Shelves: It will not however, be a book that I will be re-reading any time soon. I like long setups, but the characters here didn’t grab me to make the investment worthwhile. Madeline Hunter 12 books books: I believe he said jathleen ah, yes — here it is.