Racial tension is one of the strongest tools for the government to manipulate your mind. Our soldiers are dying, for no reason. I’m like, ‘I got this rap career. It was a Joni Mitchell sample. Roth, for the most part, raps over beats that are already out there on the tape. I wake up, get my day started with some tea. I’mma make a lot of money and quit this crazy scene.

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Bob was playing me some of his records that’s coming out on his album.

Roth, for the most part, raps over beats that are already out there on the tape. So if someone doesnt like obama there racist? We had finished first, and Cudi was going last. It’s talking about the daily routine of how I feel. He only talks about weed and girls and getting effed up.

New Music: Asher Roth “Rik Smits” | Rap Radar

B and “served by” Kanye West. Ash is doing his thing. Here they are, freakin’ out about kids smoking pot, but here they are prescribing pills for pills.


I’mma make asher roth rik smits lot of money and quit this crazy rii. B] said, ‘I’m putting out this mixtape which DJ Drama. Asher Roth is in it for the long haul. Dik just got clearance on “F the Money,” but I need this in two hours wsher Drama to finish the tape. But that’s a good thing. Elliot Wilson is very much a degressive voice for humanity. A freestyle, How Many Bars He was high when he spit that shit and this….

Xmits it or love it, this white dude can still flow. Hope that greenhouse effect comes soon. Every verse he does shows his growth as an MC. Related 1 New Music: I wake up, asher roth rik smits my day started with some tea. As for that far-out title, he said he tried the delicacy before knowing that foie gras was actually force-fed duck liver. I’m like, ‘I got this rap career.

Not even remotely yet. Also, Roth pooped on this shit. Ohhh and Ash keeps gettin better as the months go by.

His remarks were not racist at all. That just translates into live shows.

Asher Roth “Rik Smits” | #mymainmen | Pinterest | Asher roth

Ash is a beast my man. Pharrell and I just linked up in Miami. Innocent people are dying for no reason and people have the nerve to bicker about what a rapper has to say about one of the spokesman behind one of the most murderous, diabolical corporations this world has ever seen.


The rest are just spokesman, yes-man and masonic and nazi emissaries… including Obama. Kanye had produced the song. So when people look back, they said I actually added something instead of putting a pop song out that was popular.

Rik Smits – Asher Roth GIF

Asher is soo dope. Meanwhile, one of the more educated rappers in this game, voices his opinion about a war criminal, murder and thief of a president and people turn it into a racial thing. I agree with pain.