Visit the Author Site Also Go to the right dock, defeat the Konija General and you will get his General Uniform. Advertisements or commercial links. You wake up in a Jail Cell of the Hellenvyrde Dungeons and have no idea how you ended up there, as you seem to have lost your memory. Both games runs flawless on Mac if you use an app called Crossover. You have to take order from the customers, relay the best choices, and serve the food correctly.

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Queous Get back to your room. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Entoque Castle Optional Nothing much here. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

Arvale: Journey of Illusion Released

Gleymdal Temple Go straight to the room where the idol is. Buttons resemble burnished silver, while other screen details creepy dank caves, verdant forests truly put you kllusion the magical world. Aphote Temple Head up to the lift, and you will learn that you need the keys. As you get out of the temple, surprisingly you are not transported to the present as expected.

China’s Lunar Probe Lands Safely on Far Side of Moon

You wake up in a Jail Cell of the Hellenvyrde Dungeons and have no idea how you ended up there, as you seem to have lost your memory. Make your way up.


You may want to turn off the background music in order to hear the tones clearly. Foods that are ready are on the crates in the kitchen. Klumey Talk to the Blind Man and give him the glasses. Konija Castle Past In the dark, Tarsche is calling you. Elixir Cave Optional You arvale journey of illusion to arvsle through three trials in order to obtain the elixir. Ayotkul City Past You learn that the Mazulen leader Tarsche is inside the inner sanctum of the Ayotkul Temple, and it seems that you must go through some sort of path to enlightenment in the temple.

It seems that you are a traitor to him. Make your way back to the right tower. He gives you the Brother Key2. Iko Village Optional You will find that you cannot understand the language of the villagers.

Arvale: Journey of Illusion Released

Thank you for rating the program! Rat, Wolf, Orc, Ogre.

Take the Ayotkul Pot in room 4. With the keys you can open the two chests in the house. Visit the Author Site to buy Arvale 3 and or other nice games. Download link here Install: Izulta Temple Place the three time pieces onto the altars and the three stabilizer idols onto the pedestals. Fatyn Falls Optional Located at the western side of the Stygian Lake, one of the monster camps in the game. He says that you can get any related thing in his house. Invyl Talk to the Guild Master and hand the Bronston shoes to him, and he will approve your job request.


He also tells you that there is probably a temple on the other side of the Gleymdal Bridge. Features – Engage in an Epic Story involving Dragons, Magic and the Fate of the World – Explore the vast World of Arvale by traveling to six different continents, packed with villages, castles, forests, deserts, swamps, snowfields, and many more locales – Arvale journey of illusion with any of the Hundreds of colorful Non-player Characters you meet to learn about the world – Interact with tons of objects from treasure-filled chests and mysterious doors, to antique books and creepy coffins.

By illjsion, I can translate most of their language, and believe that the ancient arvale journey of illusion had lf to an amazing power or…something major that changed the course of history.

Defeat him and game over. Tell the Nice Brother that the Mean Brother give you the key to open his chest.