I waited a long time to read this manga as my library didn’t have it when I first became interested. Relationships are very forced to the point of being painful. Anyway, I believe the mangaka could have done much better with the premise, which is why I’m giving this series such a low rating. Or that, if he punished her, it would be something worse than maybe being grounded? Oct 26, Michelle Wardhaugh added it. This book was a very surprising emotional whirlwind. It is believed that Rakuto, in middle school, was the leader of his school’s gang.

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Open Preview See a Problem? It is a rather old style manga so some frames are hard to follow for those of us used to modern manga where they make everything so clear.

Mangaka used such cliche plots that it became boring and I stopped caring for them. There was nothing said about their love mqnga or family business or even their futures.

There were a couple parts where the panels seemed a little confusing, but it might have just been me. Sachie Wakamura just lost her mother, and her estranged grandfather has shown up to take care of her.

Wild Ones, Vol. 1

His henchman are sweet and bumbling in their attempts to care for their boss’s grandaughter, but her assigned bodyguard, a boy arakure manga her age, is strict and tough with her. And mangx, here’s hoping that she eventually starts drawing Sachie consistently.


The only problem is that Grandpa is the head of a yakuza gang! His favorite food arakure manga hamburger with egg in it. There was potential there but there just isn’t any development which makes the typical shoujo cliches more annoying than they usually are. I like the illustrations, but I’m confused with the new scenes abruptly popping out of nowhere. Not everything that happens is something I can remember seeing araoure another manga, but the overall tone of this series feels, so far, like a lot of other stuff out there.

They all seem to take a while to get going but not Wild Ones. Sachie arakure manga thought he was dead, but discovers that the reason manta mother kept it a secret is because her grandfather is really the head of a yakuza gang! Azuma has been shown to arxkure feelings for Sachie, but his zrakure have been failures. A Yakuza love story part 1. Overall, as long as I just took this as a light romantic comedy, I liked this manga.

In addition, the story and characters were not strong enough or interesting enough to keep me hooked to see if the writing style would become more understandable in later chapters. But Sachie soon discovers her own strength and makes it clear she’s part of the family. Tsubasa – Arakure manga Chronicle. You are a precious princess.

Arakure (Wild Ones) | Manga –

Her stubborn nature makes Rakuto’s job arakure manga the more challenging. Overall, it’s a creative storyline but i will not be continuing afakure manga.


Sachie is the year-old who later turns 16 in the earlier chapters protagonist of the story. Nov 15, Shylo rated it arakure manga was ok. Yukie seems to have been killed by being hit by a car. The plot was overshadowed by the romance, which if it would have been the other way around, i would have probably liked it a lot more than i did.

But she’s the granddaughter of Rakuto’s boss, and he can never show his feelings for her.

The story jumped around and was hard arakure manga follow. ComedyRomanceSchoolShoujo Authors: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou. The others are plenty passionate, but you get what you see when it comes to the others in the clan.

Baka-Updates Manga – Arakure

Arakure manga way the story was laid out, I found it confusing at times and jumpy. He had met Sachie and her mother when she was 5 years old, and her smiling face attracted him. Still once I overcame that tag I found the story quite delightful.