Ara Dinkjian continues to selectively choose his live performances and touring around the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His two latest releases were recorded live at the Jerusalem International Oud Festival and established him as one of the most important oud soloists worldwide. After a period of discographic absence, Ara Dinkjian returned to the recording studio and live performances, this time as a solo artist. In November of , over a decade after Night Ark had disbanded, the original members of the group reunited, giving a historic performance at the Jerusalem International Oud Festival.

ara dinkjian homecoming

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It is an aesthetic passport that homecomkng no visa. The tradition of the Orient, the jazz approach of his arrangements, and the great aesthetic achievements of the world music scene during the past 20 years constitute Ara Dinkjian’s musical style.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. SinceAra Dinkjian has returned to the audiences around the world, giving live performances in Israel, U. If you ask him, he will say with absolute dinkuian, “Yes, music can change the world. Musiciansongwriterperformer. Night Ark was a pioneering and deeply influential force in world music, emerging from the New Age scene.


Ara Dinkjian – Wikipedia

You need a valid account and be logged in to watch the full clips. FolkArmenian folk. Alwan For The Arts. Ara Dinkjian’s talent in composing and in playing the oud stood out already from the very first Night Ark recordings. As a result, when Ara Dinkjian composes his music and plays for peace, it is a sincere desire, not a commercial gimmick.

Songs of the oud”. These are just preview samples. It circles around the notions of peace, understanding, and dialogue between nations.

ara dinkjian homecoming

Dinkjian has performed in several festivals, mostly in Israel, where his music is very popular: Songs Ara Dinkjian’s composition djnkjian Finding Songs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After a period of discographic absence, Ara Dinkjian returned to the recording studio and live performances, this time as a solo artist.

The oud in his skillful hands turns into a powerful instrument that can offer musical knowledge and entertain the senses. He accompanied John Berberian and George Mgrdichian. The Jerusalem Post JPost.

ara dinkjian homecoming

His compositions have also appeared in movies and television soundtracks. He is the founder of the band Night Ark.

How can I participate? Ara Dinkjian was born ohmecoming in the United States, where he has lived all his life and has created his musical career. Dinkjian is dinkijan one of the top oud players in the world, his compositions have been recorded in thirteen different languages, which include the multi-platinum hit “Dinata” donkjian was performed in the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Athens.


Considered to be one of the best contemporary oud soloists, both in the Oriental and the Occidental world, Ara Dinkjian guides us to a utopia where music soothes our soul. They embraced original and unique sounds, blending a convincing mix of Western and Eastern music. He is accompanied by Zohar Fresco on percussion and Adi Rennert on keyboards.

Ara Dinkjian – WOMEX

Turk,Arab, Greek and Armenian”. New JerseyUnited States. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat In Ara Dinkjian’s music, virtuosity goes along with an attitude towards life.

An Armenian In New York”.