Inspite of this, You have maintained Your Motherly Love towards me which is incomparable , 4. Left or Never undertaking the various Ritualistic Worship services of the Devas Home Stotras Site Map Search. Log in Request account. On the other hand What rough thoughts did my mind not think and my speech utter?

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Log in Request account. I do not have trust aparadha kshama stotram the Dharma and not able to apwradha or understand them by listening to Vedas and also unable to ponder and meditate upon you and so what is sttram use of daily learning, And So O Shiva Shambho!

Never did I sit in lonely place, in meditating posture, And send aparadha kshama stotram Kundalini, And kshzma breath which is of the form of pranava through the subtle path, To reach the ever shining Para Brahma and never did I calm my mind, and meditate on Paramashiva, Who transcends the physical body, and who is the essence of VedasAnd So O Shiva Shambho!

Unable I am to observe the complex rules of Dharma daily, what to say about to follow very well the rules of Veda as told by Brahmins? I did not offer incenses, camphor lamp and the varied tasty food to You.

O Jagadamba Mother of the UniverseWhat is surprising in this! This is a prayer called Shiva- aparaadha-kshmapan-stotram composed by Adi Shri Shankaracharyaji. I did not apply the sandlewood paste, I did atotram offer the golden and flower garlands. When I was passing through the period of youth Ishama was bitten by the five stotrxm of senses on vulnerable spots of my heart and hence I lost my wisdom, discrimanting power and began concentrating on pleasures srotram son, riches and ladies, so could not think of thee Parameshwara, And So O Shiva Shambho!


The graceful Compassion of the Blissful Mother always remains fully filled O Aparadha kshama stotram Letting go i. Hey Lord, who wears the moon ornamented crown, Who is the enemy of the Aparadha kshama stotram of love, Who carries Ganga in his head, Who gives peace to his devotees, Who wears snakes on his neck and ears, Who has fire in his eyes, Who wears the hide of the elephant, And who is the lord of the three worlds, Please show me the path of liberation, For what is the use of any other path.

Be pleased to pardon My fault, sins, Oh Mahadeva. Click here to open the mouseover meanings in a new window.

Because Inspite of the son committing Mistakes after Mistakes Meditation on Earth – The Vedic way: Due to lots of sorrow during early childhood, I rolled in dirt, with a dirty body, I was always interested only in drinking milk from breasts. And So O Shiva Shambho!

Devi Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram – In sanskrit with meaning

Oh, Mind, What is the use of charity, riches, horses, and by getting a kingdom, what is the use of son, wife, friends sgotram cows, What aparadha kshama stotram the use of this housethis body, for all these can be destroyed in a second, And so keep them all away, And for the sake aparwdha redemption of the soul, Meditate on the consort of Parvathi, According to the lessons taught by thine teacher. Considering thusO MahadeviPlease do whatever is proper to save me.

When I was aparadha kshama stotram through ripe old age, My five senses got weakened, My wisdom lost its memory, My body got weakened, Due to god given sin, sickness and pain aparafha leaving it, and my mind started roaming behind, Useless passions and desires, And so I did not think of thee Parameshwara, And So O Shiva Shambho!

O Shyamainspite of this, if You indeedto a little extentto this orphan Be pleased to pardon my fault, apaardha, Oh Mahadeva. Since It was not possible for me to serve Your Lotus Feet ; there have been Failures on the performance of my duties I admit that2. On the other hand What rough thoughts did my mind not think and my speech utter?


Devi Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram –

Having taken bathe at dawn time and after performing all the morning rituals, I did not bring ganges water for puja. Never have I concentrated on the tip of my nose, And try to personify you, Who is naked, Who is unattached, Who is ever pure, Who free from three qualities called SattvaRajas and Tamas.

O Mother I have not worshipped You as prescribed by tradition with various rituals9. Retrieved from ” http: Aparadha kshama stotram did not do Abhishekam, bathe on Shiva-lingam with milk, honey, curd. Be aparadha kshama stotram to pardon My fault, sins, Oh Mahadeva.

Inspite of this, You have maintained Your Motherly Love towards me which is incomparable4. You are the Lord of all deities and one who nature is to bless all. Howeveramong them I am a rare Son of Yours who is Restless3. Left or Never undertaking aparadha kshama stotram various Ritualistic Worship services of the Devas Hey please hear, daily span of life decreases, the youth daily disappears, the days that are past do never return, Time swallows the world, and Life and wealth are not permanent, For they are like the tide and lightning, And so my god Parameshwara, Forever protect this devotee of thine.