The system will display the number of donations made for each donation. EPay Pro is completely secure and is based on the power of PHP and MySQL with encryption techniques installed on the authorization modules of the site for complete security of the funds of the users. Allows for more customer funding options than the competitors. Recommend Vote 0 recommendations. The extensive admin panel offers an absolute control over the whole website and provides the administrators with complete stats of the activity of the site.

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Pricing and Product Info Cost single license: Members can now choose the amount of emails the member can associate his account with. Last Service edit August 18th, For example, users can sell bitcoin and get USD funds via Paypal Payment support for products, donations, subscriptions, shopping cart and simple payments.

Not only it supports payment gateways but also supports shopping cart, making donations or even get subscriptions. You should probably use this, if you are looking to alstrasoft epay enterprise payment gateways alstrasogt to PayPal or e-Wallets for bitcoins. Get email confirmation when we approve your review. Feb 12th, Current Version: It was the initial stair probably that brought the wave of change in the way payments were done.

AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise 4.0 SQL Injection

Please submit your first question. Allows for more customer funding options enterprlse the competitors. So, if you have to start your own gateway, just go and visit Epay Enterprise Software and get the clone script of PayPal, or not even a clone, you can probably call it better-more-customizable-solution than PayPal. Service Website Website alstrasoft.


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Special techniques available to encrypt the pay now button, instant Payment Notification is available as well. Filled with features, and allowing us to customize it our way, we can totally rely on it.

Admin can alstrrasoft member’s IP history for possible fraud activities.

To become straightforward in this particular review. Enhance your EPay with our eWallet and POS mobile app solution by enabling your users to alstrasoft epay enterprise their mobile phones into instant virtual ewallet. This is totally the most advanced and comprehensive version of Epay and in the market at the moment, the Enterprise edition not only allows you to start your own payment processor site, Epay operators can also offer ewallet service for customers to store Bitcoin cryptocurrency as well as currency exchange services.

You can charge from 2. EPay Pro Features Member Functions Members Login System Username for login email of client used Access code randomly generated using letters and digits Error messages on unsuccessful login tries Auto session expiry with no activity on account during logged in SSL supported Transfer Funds Transfer funds to another user or email address Ability to add payment description Withdraw Funds Set withdraw amount Funds can be withdraw using the following payment processors: The extensive admin panel offers an absolute alstrasoft epay enterprise over the whole website and provides the administrators with complete stats of the activity of the site.


Order Now Customize Software. The shopping cart will display the list of products created by the member Simple Payments. Find out how we can assist in the development for your website and obtain a no obligtion quote and estimation, do kindly contact us and we will get back to you within working days.

And since then we have had so many hands in the business, still not many as the world may need. Service Reviews 12 Questions 0. View affiliate program details and commission rates.

Sorry to see you go. Quality software written in PHP.

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What can EPay Enterprise exactly do? AlstraSoft Article Manager Pro. Terms of Service Privacy Policy.

Allows you to completely customize all colors and logos, for a completely brandable site. Terms of Service Privacy Policy.