Familiarize you with what a spreadsheet is, how it works, and what its capabilities are; 2. To close the box, click on the OK button. August Copyright Nortel Networks Below each scale is a box displaying a number that corresponds to the position of the slider. To remove this dialog box from the screen, click OK.

alphaview sa software

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Open the original gel or other application image. The other functions are adding, subtracting and dividing images together. Softwre Uninstaller PRO is a very good system utility. User s Manual Table of Contents I. To activate this function, click on the icon and move the mouse cursor to the image. This function can be useful if annotations or other displays obscure parts of the image.

alphaview sa software

Preferences In order to change the preferences of the system, you will need to log in. Representative field images of acini were taken on day 14 A, Dand taken on day 21 C, F.

AlphaView Software User Guide

Resizing an Image for Print Image Resolution versus Image Size Resolution is determined by the number of pixels, or dots, in a linear inch. Here is how to do this: For softwate example below, an 8 bit image will be used with total gray scale values.


ToolBox Window Figure Create a new analysis Select the file of interest and click Open. When the Black slider is at the skftware top of the scale, the number is 0.

Get help with class projects on a walk-in basis; student learning assistants More information. Assists the user to zoom in on a selected area, the average pixel is displayed.

alphaview sa software

For information on reversing pixel values, see Chapter 5, Image Analysis Tools. When this file is opened at a later time, AlphaView will display it with the values that were displayed when the image was saved, however, it is still possible to revert to the original raw image file by selecting Reset on the Tool Bar.

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soctware Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 NOTE indicates key points and useful hints. Notes, labels, arrows, lines, and other drawing tools can be recorded directly onto the image using AlphaView s annotation features. Contrast adjustment tools modify the image display on the monitor only, and do not change the original quantitative data.

The three sliding scales adjust the black level, while level, and gamma.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Please refer to Preferences on page 39 for information on how to customize the default file type. We cannot be held liable.


The Equal Button The Equal button flattens the image to show all pixel values in the original image. The following antibodies were used to assess protein expression: Google Docs Basics Website: Intro to Excel spreadsheets What are the objectives of this document?

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The load softwarf menu item can only be accessed when the user opens any the analysis tools. After Edit Activation is highlighted, the desired area of interest is drawn using the mouse.

TIFF is an acronym for tagged image file format and was developed as a flexible and machine-independent graphic file format.

We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from More information. For example, the bands in the above gel have the same density, regardless of whether the gel is displayed as white bands on a black background or black bands on a light background.