Everyone also spoke like they were on a big production movie. The characters are very well-written. And, unfortunately, we got the added specialty of maritime operations after graduating the Royal Danish Navy’s Fromandkorpset combat swim course– being in the North Sea in November wasn’t fun– but locking out of a sub really sucked. Although the story is being told by him, he is not always a reliable source of information, of What a cracking read! To quote a contemporary Maclean’s writing style was “hit ’em with everything but the kitchen sink, then give ’em the sink, and when they raise their heads, drop the plumber on ’em”

alistair maclean ice station zebra

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What he does offer is good storytelling, mixing the spy genre with the whoduni Whenever I read a spy story today, I inevitably compare it to those who I consider to be aistair of the genre. He also discovers several unburned supplies hidden in the bottom of a hut, while Swanson finds a gun hidden in a petrol tank.

As I mentioned in earlier reviews, MacLean is intoxicated with adverbs, particularly attribution adverbs. And fear not, there’s plenty of pace and cliffhangers along the way. It’s a race for the secret The Dolphin reaches the Arctic ice-pack, and dives under it. In Ice Station Zebrafor the vicarage and the colonel’s house, there was the interior of a nuclear submarine and a secret installation on the polar ice cap. Ice Station Zebra 6.


The plot has twists and turns, no stone is left untouched and no one is beyond suspicion. Retrieved from ” https: They reach Zebra after a near-impossible trek, and find that eight of the men on the station are dead, while the 11 others are barely alive. This is a relatively short book, I read it over a day.

Lee Child on Alistair Maclean’s “Ice Station Zebra”

Once the ship is finally underway, however, statuon adventure picks up. Although it was written in MacLean’s descriptions of one of the supposedly first nuclear submarines still feels fresh and an impressive technology to an overly-saturated sci-fi savvy readership of the 21st century. And why does it appear some of Polar meteorological outpost Drift Ice Station Zebra has suffered a catastrophic fire.

It is also an old fashioned story in that it is one where things happen. It surfaces in a break in the ice and succeeds in making tenuous radio contact with Ice Station Zebra.

alistair maclean ice station zebra

They find that their radio has been damaged, and so Carpenter and Hansen return to the Dolphin. Learn more More Like This. Alistair Maclean has a unique style of writing.

Funnily, one of the things I really enjoyed this time around was the mackean that really placed the story in it’s time. I first saw this film when it was released in at the Summit Cinerama theater sttation Detroit, and it was a fantastic movie going experience.

This is an actioner and we get right down to it from page one. And besides, MacLean’s stories are so good that we can overlook this small demerit. Adventure at the North Pole with an atomic submarine. And it’s getting worse.


Ice Station Zebra – Book Review

While some thing might seem amazing coincidences– why not? Dolphin [blackout]sets off under the ice, back to Britain but during the night the engine room is set on fire and the submarine fills with smoke. And part of me kept thinking about the Jules Verne book I had recently read.

alistair maclean ice station zebra

Whether you’re into thrillers or not, I would definitely recommend this book. Get a high-speed look at the latest trailers from El Camino: Mop the stuff up, of course. By continuing to use the site you consent to that. A alistaie personal reconnaissance before the appointed hour was acceptable, but woe betide the Kinch minor that tried to snaffle one before his time.

Characters are almost constantly in extremely dangerous situations Arctic storms, risky sub manoeuvres, sinking to over feet, a fire aboard ship but they never feel contrived.

If you’re looking for a fast, ailstair read, I recommend this book.