It has a revamped interface, four new filters, and ten totally rewritten classic filters. I would have liked to have been able to burn one corner but that’s not easy unless you know your way around Photoshop well.. Xenofex 2 adopts and updates the simple and uncluttered interface of Eye Candy and is designed to emulate the functionality of Photoshop-style host programs. Host Requirements Xenofex 2 is a plug-in for use with one of the following compatible programs: I always think the Mosaic is a waste of time and you do get a version in Photoshop along with a crude puzzle option. I don’t think the new features are worth upgrading from Version 1 but if you’re new to Xenofex, do yourself a favour and give it a go.

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Flag Makes the photo look as though it’s ironed on zlien flag. Each filter has a range of controls to adjust how the effect appears. Login Join for Free.

Alien Skin Xenofex 2.0

Crumple includes a seamless tile option that is handy for creating skins, textures, and web backgrounds. See image to alien skin xenofex left for a view of using Electrify. But it’s without doubt that the creative designer will get most benefit, crumpling pics, adding stains, playing around with the flag and much more. Creates realistic waves in the material, but maybe a little pointless for most photographic uses.


The box for this program has to be the plainest box we’ve seen. Delaying the start of this service is possible through the service manager.

Alien Skin Xenofex

Even though this filter is great for the usual crumpled paper effect or to use on old photos and to produce a quite realistic effect, it can also be used in just the opposite.

Adobe Photoshop 6 or 7, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2. You can create ring stains or solid xenofes of stain. You have complete control over which pieces are knocked out, and you can selectively invert the connecting nubs. alien skin xenofex

Burnt Edges also creates an acid eaten or weathered paper appearance. See image to the left for a view slin using Constellation to create the outline of a duck. See image to the left for a view of using the Rip Open effect.

It also provides target markers for setting the start and finish points of the lightning you produce. Here you have a version alien skin xenofex you can alter the shape, angle and lightness of the clouds in many ways to give the most realistic clouds other then the real thing.

Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Review

You can have hours of fun with this one. When you select one of the options from the menu list a new dialogue skiin appears with your image in a preview.


Get the latest photography news straight to alien skin xenofex inbox by signing up to our newsletter. Classic Mosaic new converts text, photos, and other images into tiled mosaics with one click. See image to the left for a view of using Lightning and the target markers. The alken package generally installs about 25 files and is usually about 5.

Controls allow you to adjust the columns, connector shape, groove width, and knockout fill. Once again play God alien skin xenofex do it better.

See xenofwx to the left for a view of using Crumple with the image of a lion to give a special look. Cookies help us deliver our service.

Alien Skin Software Announces Xenofex 2

What do people think about it? Controls allow you to adjust the crack length, crack width, crack depth, edge roughness, and light direction. In a word awesome!

Controls allow you to adjust the tile size, grout width, edge sensitivity, and grout color.