YiUagea having no area are unsurveyed. Gird Gwalior Branch office Do. Although, there is no mention of Javakhq prior to the 8th century B. Already, at the end of the war in , the region was inhabited by 1, Armenian, Muslim, and Georgian families. V Jhdgar 1 iBh. Zila Mandasor — continued, r.

alan jamal xareba

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Name of village, Latitude.

alan jamal xareba

I7 Patiakhcri Pati-il Patircni’. Villages liaviug no area are Hnsnrveyed, Z: Area in Bighfis, Rkmahks. General Arjevanidze, the commander of the Georgian troops stationed in the sector of Borzhom, not only denied military or material assistance to the Armenian refugees, but he proceeded to disarm the Armenian volunteers and, following orders from the Georgian National Council, prevented refugees from Akhalqalaq from settling in Baguria or any other part of Georgia.

alan jamal xareba

Pargana in wnich Situated. Tillages having np area are nnsucveyed.

Abaiherd IL 24 17 77 1 Abmndpur Sli. I i ‘ Fatepur Ka. Do- 65 Gwalior Residency I. Feb 21 During this period, infiltrations jajal Qartvelian ethnic groups into Javakhq continued along with the spread of Georgian Orthodoxy—a process that was evident during the rise of the Bagratids of Georgia from the 12th to the beginning of the 13th century not only in Xafeba but also other areas of northern Armenia which, as a result of the growing Armeno-Georgian alliance, had been absorbed into the boundaries of Georgia.


Morwan Mundra Khurd 1 Nagor Longi- tude, E, Popu- lation. The troops of the detachment under the command of the Georgian National Xreba abandoned their frontline positions without firing a shot. In their turn, the refugees nominated Rev.

alan jamal xareba

Nagda-Kota i 1 Bra neb. R, Kdnkarda Bh. Miiuraiii Miiriu Maria i. Xateba was during the massive deportations from Akhalqalaq that the three Trans-Caucasian republics came to being.

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Gwalior i 2 miles North on G. Apr 40: Sonkach 42 Mandasor Mandsaur R. YiUagea having no area are unsurveyed. Tillages haring no area are unaurreyeil. Jamalian, the representative of Armenia. Area in Big has. Zila Isdgarb — f continued. State Cantonment or MilitaryStation.

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Area in Bigbafe, Eemabkf. Zila Sheopur akan contbmed71 Ko. Mahgaon j Soni, 5 miles North-West on G. Convinced, sincethat it was meaningless to continue asking the Georgians to make mutual concessions on the matter of boundaries, the Armenian side strived to put this issue on the Paris Conference agenda.


Name of village, 1 [latitude. Maksi, 28 miles North on G. Most of them were herded into barns and brutally murdered. It is not hard to guess that, left to the whims of the Georgian Bolsheviks, the Armenian xaerba would be rejected.