Though the color keying effects built into After Effects can be useful for some purposes, you should try keying with Keylight before attempting to use these built-in keying effects. Consider parenting one to the other. Use a garbage matte. Ae also has a lot of other choices for keying tools when working with green screen. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, try starting with or adding the Linear Color Key. These areas will appear white and gray around the object. A quick and dirty key.

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Use a garbage matte.

The Foundry says there are no current plans for selling Keylight separately from After Effects, and there’s currently no time in their schedule to work on a stand-alons 2. Click on the green screen in the Composition Window.

Keylight : Adobe After Effects

Adobe has announced that The Foundry ‘s Keylight will be bundled with the upcoming release of After Effects 6. As you apply the keying effect to the layer in the foreground, the composition background pligin a background layer shows through, making it easy to view transparent areas.

Color Key Effect Adobe: For more information, see the Adobe website. Create a mask to roughly outline a subject. Click on the Effect Controls tab. It’s not definit yet whether Keylight will be bundled with after effect keylight plugin versions and upgrades.

The duplicate is masked to include only the area of the image that contains the key color that you want to preserve as opaque. Shooting green screen footage is an easy process that allows you to make promotional videos more interactive and visually appealing.


My AE CS5 don´t have “KEYLIGHT PLUGIN&quot | Adobe Community

Visual Effects and Compositing keylibht the Peachpit Press website. Click on the eyedropper tool next to the Color option. Use footage with the least color subsampling possible—for example, 4: This way you slightly blur the colors without touching the luminance, so the image is perceived as sharp, but some of the DV artifacts are removed.

Make sure that the copy the hold-out matte is positioned directly on top of the keyed layer. The background color is then keyed out and pluhin scene with the actor is composited over a new after effect keylight plugin.

updated Keylight plug-in available for After Effects CC and After Effects CC 2014

Keying is defining transparency by a particular color value or luminance value in an image. And it works really well. There are examples of the de-artifactor in my review of Magic Bullet.

This will take a bit more time with some simple roto-work, but in the long run effeect help focus the important parts of what they keyed needs to work on.

How to Remove a Green Screen in Adobe After Effects

Many After Effects users may have missed that there is a pretty powerful preset for keying green-screens. Choose the most intricate frame of the scene, one involving fine detail such effecct hair and transparent or semitransparent objects, such as smoke or glass.


Add an adjustment layer on top of your footage and apply a gaussian blur of around 4 pixels. The sample chapters cover basic compositing, color keying, garbage mattes, hold-out mattes, and how to avoid common problems with greenscreen shots. But Keylight is a chromakeyer, meaning that it works on the color information. A hold-out matte is a masked-out portion of a duplicate of a efffect that you have keyed. Use a hold-out matte.

If you don’t have Magic Bullet, try this: To key well-lit footage shot against a color screen, start with the Color Difference Key. Well, better than I had ever had using after effect keylight plugin particular footage. It was shot on DV under after effect keylight plugin bad circumstances. You can save yourself quite a bit of headaches by making a garbage matte that will limit the amount that you need to key in the first place.

Barend Onneweerhttp: Play through the video to see the green screen removed. The Foundry is well known in the industry for other high-quality plugins like the Tinderbox series that are also available for After Effects.