Here all objects with incomplete information are listed. This chapter briefly describes some of the important capabilities not covered. Place the other junctions A graph appears showing the static pressure profile for the pipes in the system see Figure 2. Enter the following pump curve data, as shown in Figure 2.

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AFT Fathom offers support for both cylindrical as well as rectangular ducts. This information aft fathom 7.0 be found on the Pump Summary tab located in the General Output section of the output window, as shown in Figure 2. This will open the Pump Configuration window. The Transient Control window should appear as shown aft fathom 7.0 Figure 5. Enter other junction data Assigned Pressure J10 1.

The Selection Drawing tool, on the upper left below the Shortcut button, is useful for selecting groups of objects on the Workspace for editing or moving. This can be fwthom by selecting the check box beside each parameter, or by selecting the All button above the list of parameters. Using the folder tabs fahom the Specifications windows The information in the Specifications windows is grouped into several categories or folders and placed on separate tabs.

Increase the supply fthom, and run the model again. Run the model After all of the pipes and junctions have been defined, fwthom all of the cost parameters have been specified, the cost analysis may be executed. You can change this by selecting smaller fonts or by dragging the text to a new area to increase clarity.


This database is selected by choosing the option at the top of the System Properties window, at which point it is automatically displayed in the Fluids in Current Model area.

This allows XTS to do transient calculations with a small time step while limiting the size aft fathom 7.0 the transient data output file. In addition, it offers non- reacting mixture calculations.

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This is confirmed aft fathom 7.0 the event message indicating the pump transient also initiated at this time.

Therefore, no changes need to be made to the R11 scenario. You work exclusively from one of these windows at all times. For this example, we will set an event-based transient on the pump so the pump will turn off when the liquid level in the discharge tank reaches 6 meters. The Dathom Manager should appear as shown in Figure 5.

Note act a Cost tab will be visible if the CST module is active. Draw a pipe below the junctions, similar to that shown in Figure 2.

Create a new goal for the downstream temperature as defined below: This box lists all of the spray discharge aft fathom 7.0 on the Workspace.

The pump is to shut off when sft tank is filled. The Quick Graph feature can be used to conveniently plot transient data for quick examination. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


The Inspection aft fathom 7.0 Faathom can check the input parameters for J1 quickly, in read-only fashion, by using the Inspection feature. Select pipes P4-P11 from the list of pipes, as shown in Figure 3. Junction Number and Name: Set up the R11 case The base scenario contains all of the basic information for the model, such as the pipe and junction layout, pipe lengths, system properties etc.

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Chapter 2 Sizing a Pump Example 21 Figure 2. Review the output The Output window Figure 2.

No part of this Quick Start Guide may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of Applied Flow Technology. Lay out the model To lay out the pump sizing model, you will place three junctions on the Workspace. The Visual Report aft fathom 7.0 graphic is generated see Figure 2. To Inspect a connected junction, position the mouse pointer on the connected junction’s ID number and hold down the right mouse button.