Evan Chandler produces music as Slynk. DataLooper was created to simplify live looping, and Vince is actively seeking suggestions from his user base to make DataLooper the ultimate device for live looping. Check out Live Producers Online. Dan Giffin is a musician, producer, and engineer, who runs the site Live Producers Online, which is a social membership site for learning Ableton Live. DataLooper is a hardware, guitar-pedal-style, controller that makes live looping with Ableton Live quick and easy. It was one of the many connections I made with people I ran into at Loop.

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Dan Giffin is a acrodjmac, producer, and engineer, who runs the site Live Producers Online, which is a social membership site for learning Ableton Afrodjmac.

Gone – Psychedelic Electric Jazz.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Dan shared lots of interesting stories we can all learn from. Check out the last two episodes and get a piece of that inspiration. Check out the creation video below: More than anything, the experience reminded me the importance of building relationships with people. We spoke about his work and touring, as well as afrodjmac teaching can often be the best way to afrodjmac. As an avid live looper himself, Vince takes his experience and desires and puts afrodjmac all into DataLooper.


YouTube – Slynk has a ton of useful and deep music production tutorials. Check out Live Producers Online.

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Special Offers and Free Stuff from: This one is a real treat for the synth-nerds out afrodjmac His site, Live Producers Online, offers online courses and connects Ableton Live users afrodimac professional trainers.

Evan Chandler produces music as Slynk. The question that has been popping up in my head for the past couple of days as I was looking back on the music I made during afrodjmac past two and a half months is this: I spoke with Neil about his wide range of work and how he manages afrodjmac wear multiple musical hats.

Submit a post Music Links Archive. The artists featured in the episode: Today, Ableton has released a free gift created by Huston called Singularities. The download comes with 19 Ableton Live afrodjmac, and dozens of MIDI clips, all of which you can use in your own music. Subscribe and Rate the Music Production Podcast! New episode of the Music Production Podcast is up! Voices of Eris – SoundCloud site. Learn more about DataLooper.

Unlike everything I have released before, however, this album will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Beats music…etc and with the possibility of a limited physical release. Afrodjmxc then keep an eye out for my conversation with Dan, which should be coming soon!


It was great to finally sit down and talk with Neil afrodjmac years of online interactions and finally meeting face to face afrodjmac Ableton Loop.

Huston generously shares some of his wisdom on designing sounds, programming synths, and working with a well-rounded team of talented sound designers. Watch everyone afrodjmac fun. The Lodge Recording Studios.

Thanks afrodjmac the support and enjoy the show!

In this episode, Huston discusses his role at Ableton and the xfrodjmac afrodjmac talented sound designers he has assembled to create the beautiful palette of sounds featured in Ableton Live. It was one of the many connections I made with people I ran acrodjmac at Loop. She runs a afrodjmac recording and production studio called Shifting Waves. Margaret Harmer is a trained percussionist and electronic music producer. He was joined by musician friend, Vir McCoy, who is also a live looper, specializing in a exotic and foreign instruments.