Nata answer “it’s you exactly, because you are coquettish”. Finally Niki and Oliver become couple. You’re the part the keys with feeling Singing it all over againI won’t stop playing. That we have been thought another world. Please click here to report this video. To find that you’re where I belong.

afgan refrain

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If you ever see dear everything. Prom night is coming, they have graduated from their high school.

afgan refrain

The video has refain removed by the original uploader on YouTube. Maybe I felt alone. The story was turned into five years earlier, when they were high school. She remember the letter. Please click here to report this video. Diposting oleh Aldinisa Rahma Sabillah di Niki see the sky and ask to Nata “how we feel when we’re falling in love?

Niki go to prom night alone. But when she come in the prom night, she meet Oliver come with Hellen. Refrin have garden between their own house.


afgan refrain

Nata take a study music in Austria. After hear that, Niki shocks and leave them. Niki persuade him to sing in front of people in their school. She decided to meet Nata in Austria, then she go to Austria. If still no sound is available after trying the troubleshooting steps above, these additional tips may help:.

Revrain Folder Collection.


But Refraij want to say something too. But if I could right For just one moment. Her name is Annalise. They always use it together. It will be forever.

In the school, Annalise tell to Nata and Niki that her mother will arrive at the airport this morning. They are neighbour because their parents are partner in bussines.

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Bruce Lan published on December 10, Niki dare Nata to promise who will be the first one must say and share it. Then they ride a wagon to see around the city.


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afgan refrain

Niki is very excited to hear that. Kali ini saya membagikan Final Project B.

Little Star

Therefore, the audience less feel the situation. Finally Niki can find Nata. One day there’s a new student in their school. The next day, They are punished in their school because they left classroom yesterday. After Nata finish his perform, they finally meet.