Apr 8, 8: Unfortunately this customer never gave us the opportunity to help before going to Forums, thankfully the new owners took the time to contact us and get everything sorted out. Additionally how well do you think the clip art packs from Action Illustrated would load up in the Design Base, if at all? Customer service from action has always been outstanding and I will continue to do business with both companys for many years to come. Super bargan for what you get for the money and absolutely top notch customer service and support!!! I have everything action has to offer. I’m not much of an artist so having something to start with helps a lot.

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I have the Elements of Design package from Action illustrated and it’s not bad. Caged Forum Member Be nice, this is my first post: It is expensive and I regret the decision. April 8th, Apr 8, 5: A confirmation email will be sent to this address, so please make sure it is accurate and that advancedtshirtts email software is set to advancedtshirts designbase emails from our domain: Action illustrated is not fake.


AdvancedTshirts DesignBase (free version) download for PC

Advancedtshirts designbase Illustrated has since coordinated with the new owners and sorted everything out. March 19th, Mar 19, 7: It is against our Forum Guidelines. It is just way too expensive for what you get. With fashion factory you can do those shirts you see at walmart with all those advancedtshlrts tones and mma graphics.

Options Quote message in reply? Apr 8, 4: Type Your Message Advancedtshirts designbase Reformatting the Flash Drive deletes everything on the flash drive. So i have crappy books and a USB Drive saying that I’ve formatted the drive so paid euros for a 15gb drive and a loads of photocopied books with tacky clipart in.

Originally Posted by Caged. June 25th, Jun 25, Originally Posted by Caged I would avoid Action Illustrated they were at UK Show today so thought why not euros got 19 printed books and a little tin with a usb business card asks for activation code none exists and all there advancedtshirts designbase numbers are fake.

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I did this so we could develop it step by step and keep improving its drsignbase while offering free downloads of the upgrades. We have SimpleSeps for that which is another paid plugin for advancedtshirts designbase of color management and color separations in spot color formats.


It’s nice to be able to be on a “first name” basis with the people you talk to in a forum. April 8th, Apr 8, 4: Mar 3, Page advancedtshirts designbase of 2. I don’t think a day goes by we don’t use simple seps or at least some of the techniques I have learned from videos.

Advanced artist clipart is good. The only good part was they split it up in monthly payments.

AdvancedTshirts DesignBase

I have action illustrated and I am glad I bought it. They seem to have a comprehensive library advancedtshirts designbase my review of their websites. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Apr 8, 9: I have advancedtshirts designbase action has to offer. Additionally how well do you think the clip art packs from Action Illustrated would load up in the Design Base, if edsignbase all? The sales person gave me a copy of designbade X6 with “one” install left on it.