If it costs the same to buy the inks as it did the printer, it’s classed as disposable to most users. February 28, at 9: Or it’s got a bad connection or duff chip. Hello, I followed the procedure and the printer worked again, but damn, after 3 prints, stopped again giving the same problem as before. Will the program just reset the printer and let it take the CISS? Take out all the inks.

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June 19, at 5: I ask for your help to offer for a solution. Thank you very much for epson t13 restter. Please help me to overcome this problem.

Waste Ink Pad Counters reset Epson, Cannon % working

Adjprog.exe tx121 and extract attached file into a folder on your hard drive. If the yellow wasn’t recognised, change it. January 26, at 7: This application does not have drop down boxes. George Hirst 26 November at October 13, at 5: I tried this Software many times for my T Please attach it again. You should replace all 4 with same type. Hope that helps, let me know!


This software does not fix cartridges not being recognized This software is only for resetting the waste ink pad error If the printer is not recognizing inks it is either due to the adjprog.exe tx121 chip reading empty, or the chip is faulty. Will the program just reset the printer and let it take the CISS? October 7, at It is so unfair that I have to aduprog.exe new blue color.

Download All Driver and Reseter. Thanks anyway and good luck to everyone! Maybe it caused this software has cracked but I think it not problem, you can disable the antivirus protection on your computer adjprog.exe tx121 you want to use this software to reset your Epson printer. Thanks for the tool.

Resetter Epson TX, T13, T |

Will give the util a go. I’ll try your solution. It probably won’t work on any other Epsom printers. Tried a few programs but no luck yet. The reason you can’t print is due to the ink problem. I saw that already works on SX adjprog.exe tx121 SX Sorry for my bad English, i’m from spain, tell me when i say something wrong please. December 2, at Reset instructions for SX Looking for a adjprog.wxe to reset my SX Printer.


Download Epson Stylus TX121/ME 320 resetter

January 2, at I bought a cyan Epson cartridge and it doesn’t work not recognize. Lightly rub over the chips with a pencil rubber. Hm didn’t work for me.