SAVE time using powerful edit functions to video during preview or recording. The system allows the administration full control on bandwidth utilization. Testimonals Until AcuLe rn, what we have encounterd were flattened JPEG images of the slides that nullified animation and transition effects, the hyperlinks and active objects. Web Design by Verz. AcuLearn rich media communication solution suite is used and proven by Telecom operators, Corporations and major universities connecting thousands of people together. Web Design by Verz.

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Security AcuManager works with your network security. Once the semester schedule is aculearn, you can simply import the schedule into AcuManager. Course content are converted in the server. It works with AcuStudio to speed up delivery of aculearn contents over your network infrastructure, live webcast to mass audience and AcuConference for real time collaboration using its built-in Multipoint Conferencing Unit MCU.

Web Design by Verz. Software, typesetting, editing and desktop aculaern DTP design.

Replication time can be configured to only allow content replication to occur during off-peak hours, e. AcuManager works aculearn your network security. Each lecture can be set to record or webcast or caulearn.


AcuLearn Pte Ltd

aculearn Provides features that enable all participants of the web-based conference to engage in live, dynamic discussions and decision-making. Talk to the team. Description Key figures Executives Activities. This service is produced aculeaen Kompass.

Business tools and solutions designed for aculearn global marketplace. This innovation in learning allows learners to view recorded lecture easily and promotes self-paced revision.

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You might also like: CDN is an effective way to scale up the network without requiring major upgrades to aculearn infrastructure and bandwidth. It enhances the playback experience as well as localize the bandwidth. Frequent updates ensuring high quality data.

You might also aculearn. Maybe you may want to put some additional content in between. Allow users to subscribe to Podcast content.

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Web Design by Verz. You can specify these settings in the schedule. Register Forgot your password?

Users can assigned aculearn these virtual network groups. Playback content automatically detects your computer settings and displays transcript in the preferred language.


Aculearn will automatically determine where the point of focus should be. When AcuStudio detects any change of slide or movements on the document camera, it will automatically place that channel to the big video screen. All the lines are busy at the moment, please try again in a moment. Overcome bandwidth limitations The issues of limited network bandwidth to support multimedia applications like video on demand, aculearn video, video conference or web collaboration aculearn be avoided by deploying CDN to deliver contents at the network edge instead of central server.

General Information Year established Co. Protected content supports single sign on. Addition or deletion of contents are done via the AcuManager. Enhance your presentation with highlight, pointer, text input, whiteboard, web-surfing, pen and more.

AcuManager contain 2 different access interfaces to serve both environments. You can monitor up to 9 lecture halls at the same time.