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Citibank’s small print for My Accounts includes a rather worrying warning: Once you have registered the details of your different accounts, all you need to remember is the Pin to access your aggregator. AccountUnity accountunity unprecedented levels of privacy, security, speed and ease of access to information and services for users who hold accounts with financial, stock broking, insurance, airlines, utilities and other services.

The idea of aggregation is simple – the aggregator collects information relating to all your accounts on a regular basis and collates it on one web page.

The only problem is that it costs the service provider money to create and maintain the data feed In practice, it is unlikely that an aggregation service will be entirely permissive. You can however also select the same institution multiple times if, for example, you have multiple Hotmail accounts each with a different username and password.

AccountUnity – download current version. Debt, Encryption

The likelihood is that permissive aggregation will function alongside screen scraping, as some service providers seek to avoid the costs of setting up the feeds.

The service abolishes the need to accounhunity several different passwords and personal identification numbers Pins.



Could this, it asks, make you liable for aaccountunity and frauds on the accounts? They know as much about your financial status as you do. Early Mortgage Payoff Many home owners are not fully aware how much money can be saved in interest expense by shortening the life of a mortgage. Californian-based Yodlee as in The Lonely Goatherd is the leading exponent of screen-scraping with 95 per cent of the market and CashEdge Inc.

Users still nervous that they may be held liable could avoid the need to hand over their Pins by using a customer-driven service such as Accountunity. The best solution for corporations, universities, schools, public libraries, acccountunity cafes etc.

AccountUnity – download current version – Free Download

Innovative computer software acquisitions from the best in download webs sites! Every time you log on to the aggregation service and present your single Pin you get a consolidated aggregated view of all your account balances on a single avcountunity page.

My Money – AccountUnity. Status is displayed at all times indicating the progress of the data update.

All about account aggregation – Telegraph

Your information is never seen by AccountUnity. Your email address is required so that we can email you to notify you of important account accountunit messages.


Repeat this for all the institutions you require. Once you have entered your userid and password, you can test your login by clicking on the Test login link. You can arrange the order in which the institutions are presented on your summary page by accountunihy an institution in the list on the right and clicking on the up or down arrow to move the selected institution’s position. By handing over your access data, you authorise the aggregator to impersonate you at the gates of your online financial service providers eg your bank or credit card qccountunityto enter your accounts and to retrieve personal financial information.

Citibank currently has access to more than 2, sites, but only or so are specifically designed for the use of UK customers. Your aggregated account data is not sent to and does not pass through accountunity or any other third party site. Account aggregation is a growing phenomenon in accountunitj USA and Australia where aggregators usually operate as agents of banks, wealth managers and internet portals like Yahoo Finance, AOL, Quicken.


For a cable modem, ADSL or faster connections, select accouuntunity right most toggle.

If you choose to be anonymous you can sign up with an anonymous email provider such as Hotmail and use that email address. Moreover, you can aggregate non-financial data sources like news services, shopping, travel and other sources of “lifestyle” information. Once you are into your aggregated statement you can link directly to, say, your online bank or sharedealing service and perform normal transactions like transferring money, paying bills and buying and selling securities.

Secondly, the proliferation of usernames and Pins required to access these accounts is itself a security weakness, as the chronically forgetful resort to writing them down in diaries, store them unencrypted on PCs and scribble them on the proverbial envelope or post-it note stuck to the frame of a PC monitor in accountnuity open plan office.

The Interactive Demonstration has been designed to take advantage of the enhanced scripting features of Internet Explorer 4 or above and is only accessible using Internet Explorer 4 or later. According to Mr Courtneidge, the aggregator can escape prosecution by a notifying the service provider of its intention to screen-scrape in a secure area of its site, b inviting the service provider to deny consent and c possessing the technical capability to call off the screen-scrape.

Then you need AccountUnity. The My Details page contains the information required when registering with account unity.

What kinds of account aggregation are there?