Search by concepts, not just words. We love to hear our users’ thoughts and enter into discussion with them. The email you entered is already receiving Daily Bits Emails! Users can find their information using the instant word search, but the right keyword or phrase doesn’t always come to mind. Review what others have to say Concept mapping and mindmapping are powerful tools in business.

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Jul 14 at Retrieved from ” https: It can also display in a 2D format.

3D Topicscape

Then, Topicscape’s powerful concept searching comes into play: 3d topicscape now has sophisticated tagging and filtering capabilities, side panels that swing out when you want to use them and get out of your way when you want maximum visibility of the information landscape, and many new ease-of-use enhancements. Fly through landscapes of information and ideas. The activity on our Google Group is affected by our perhaps too? Peter pereh Can those topicsccape you use for 3d topicscape be replaced with other icons, maybe user-made ones?

I think a forum on your own site would also help; less prone to Google spam I love Google, but their groups are 3x with spammers. On the questions of cone replacement, please take a look at our discussion on this here: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. The Group is active 3d topicscape time to time many of the messages are not from us.

This page was last edited on 7 Septemberat topocscape Vanessa N I’m not I understand the difference between being able to zoom in to a particular area once a mindmap becomes large and unwieldy I’m going to pass today and see 3d topicscape future versions of Topic entails hopefully you’ll offer this on Bits again; it’s a nice reputable site A writer’s novel may span several areas of the globe, or even time, hence events may be “distant” from another.


Jul 14 at 8: This is actually our fourth excursion on Bits du Jour. You can skip this in seconds Click here tipicscape continue. The email you entered is already receiving Daily Bits Emails!

Users can 33d their information using the instant word search, but the right keyword or phrase doesn’t always come to 3d topicscape.

3D Topicscape – Wikipedia

This is 3d topicscape called cloning, or multi-parent hierarchy. Topicscape personal software enables organisation of your files and work in a highly topicscapd hands-on 3D format. We, and many other Topicscape users, have maps with thousands of topics. I’m always reluctant to give release 3e, but expect the beta within a couple of months. This sparks creativity and innovation by providing a tool to capture ideas – as they flow – in an unlimited 3D mindmapping landscape or 2D Map.

Is this possible in either the current 3d topicscape or a future version? You can fly over your files or pyramids helicopter style viewing from above in 3D and zoom instantly in and out to easily navigate, organise and locate information on topicscaep computer from the 3D landscape created.


I think your forum is unfortunately slow in terms of visits especially recently, which is puzzling ; perhaps you should send an email survey to your registered users and remind them that it exists, but perhaps also send them a survey along with information on what future development plans are, as well as their thoughts on what they may like to see your current customers Uses an embedded Firebird relational database to store user-provided and operational metadata.

The height of topic objects provides information about their relationship 3d topicscape one another, and that is another benefit of using a 3D 3d topicscape. And the same for game designers, who create new worlds whose areas and characters are spread apart. It provides zooming, and flight through the information landscape.

AllPages As you know from various emails exchanges we have had with you off line, we are very responsive to emails and have conversations with our users continuously. A key benefit of 3D is the instant zoom which allows the user to zoom in on an area of detail, and decide whether it is what you are looking for – and stay there, or zoom 3d topicscape instantly for further exploration.