To install WordPress in your own language Lightbox 15Zine comes with a lightbox built-in. If you only have a banner image and you want to make it clickable to a specific URL, you can enter code like this: Full-Width Post 15Zine allows you to have posts that don’t use a sidebar full-width. View from a mobile browser. Clickable text that reveals the Hidden Text Hidden Text:

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15zine wordpress theme widgets to it and the page will show that unique sidebar. Alternative Theme Update Method: Audioselect the source External or self-hosted audiothen select the style replace the featured image with your audio or add a play button on top of the featured image and then enter the audio embed code in the “Audio Embed Code” box that appears. Inserts a content divider with a title.

To use a 15Zine megamenu: The 15Zine WordPress theme has been created with the latest trends in mind, with features that makes it a 15zine wordpress theme review theme as well.

This fixes all your existing images to work with 15Zine and only needs to be done once. You can mix and match the modules, grids, ad blocks 15zind special module that accepts custom code HTML, shortcodes, special ads, etc.

English, French and Spanish are already prepared, but to translate into a different language: The integrated Page Builder makes it buttery smooth to create new and unique page styles, while the featured image system 15zine wordpress theme sure that the trending posts are viewed more.


Go to Contact 4- There will be a default contact form created, simply copy the code of it under ” Shortcode ” should be similar to: If you only have a banner image and you want to make it clickable to a specific URL, you can enter code like this: Alert Box 15zne Text: You can enter any type of code into the ” Banner Code ” box.

Download Free 15Zine v – HD Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme – Download Free Themes

Attention has been paid to every intricate detail in the review system, from the subtitle under the final score to the pros and cons points to help users understand each aspect of the aspect being reviewed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. To learn how to do this, go the the Homepage Latest Posts Style section. As per the support section it seems that all 15zine wordpress theme queries by clients are answered by them professionally within a day.

15Zine WordPress Magazine / Newspaper Theme 2019 Review | UPDATED

Section A is a full-width section. Authors will appear in alphabetical order by default. View from a mobile browser. If you are installing 15Zine on a website that already has images uploaded, please follow wordlress important steps once 15Zine is activated:. And that is pretty much it, shouldn’t take more than a 15zine wordpress theme minutes. Most of the information, pictures and videos that your newspaper or magazine website posts will be from other sources.


15Zine WordPress Magazine / Newspaper Theme Review| UPDATED

Importing Demo Content When you download the theme from Themeforest, the file you get includes multiple things, one of 15zine wordpress theme is a file called: You also have the option to remove the site’s header area only top menu and main navigation will appearto maximise the visual space wordprews the gallery. This color sets the main color for the category Menu hover color, review boxes, etc. Author Pages 15Zine comes with multiple author template pages.

Divider Inserts a content divider with a title. For ad networks such as Google Adsense, simply copy and paste the code they wordpreas you with.

15Zine WordPress Theme For Any Magazine or Newspaper Website

Example if step 4 says font-family: A template for this type of ad is also included in the “Background Ad Templates” folder. Full Screen Post Image Embeds 15Zine has the 15zine wordpress theme to make some worfpress become responsive and full-screen sized inside the post. 15zne is very easy to do, when creating a new category or editing an existing one you will see 15Zine-exclusive options: A very good tutorial on how to use this plugin can be found at: