And I will quote you Are they a visual stack aid for wheat holding 9 wheat like iron blocks hold 9 iron? No, I actually walked in one day and gave them a fresh bale of straw in their feeding trough. It could be used as a food source for animals. Gastroid Gastroid Topic Creator 6 years ago 3 I care not to go to reddit.


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Minecraft Snapshot 13w09a

Making it stack like charcoal would also make sense and look cool. Here, have this too: I too have seen animals eat straw, growing up in Upstate 133w09a, we have our fair share of cattle, horses, and the like. I care not to go to reddit. A little variation goes a long way. Only the sky loads when I join a friend’s server. If Minecraft say that bales of hay are made out of wheat, they are wrong on a realistic point of view. Anyone else see that Vechs video?


Did you even see the video? I figured I would skip the “I seen it” and just quote the Wiki.

Your dad doesn’t feed it to animals. And you know it was him. I think that bales of hay should be made out of grass that we could cut with the scythe.

And we already have a Scythe, a tool used for cutting grass. Other leaked information includes: Posted 4 Mar 113w09a we are talking about a game, and TFC try to be as realistic as possible to the point it is not affecting the gameplay. The didnt go for it.


But really, if I liked reddit, I’d be a redditor. Remember we are talking about a game too Do they “feed” animals? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Don’t have an account? I don’t eat it But what purpose do they serve?


And I will quote you Forgot your username or password? Sceptilesolar Sceptilesolar 6 years ago 4 hahaha mob towers Sure it makes spider jockeys a little 13s09a special, but on the other hand, spiderpigs. Gives bales of hay to the animals or give them bales of straw? So, hay and staw have different use in real life.


Minecraft Snapshot 13w09a –

I 13w09x a bit insulted that someone tell me that I am completely wrong just based on a wikipedia article. Dinnerbone just love tossing those out there. What do you fell about the addition of hay barels to minecraft vanillaand what if any use would it have in TerraFirmaCraft? Straw is not good to feed animals, but can be used in building straw roof.