In she started her studies of Albanian literature at the University of Prishtina. And the entire distance along the coast of Istria is one thousand three hundred stadia. He publishes theoretical works and essays in the magazins Lingua Montenegrina and Ars. As a part of cooperation with other musicians, in he started Lenhart Tapes Orchestra, a five piece ethno-noise ensemble that re-played and re-arranged the music he previously made using walkmans. Paeonia is bounded on either side, first, towards the Thracian parts, by Rhodope, a mountain next in height to the Haemus, and secondly, on the other side, towards the north, by the Illyrian parts, both the country of the Autariatae and that of the Dardanians. Arsim Bajrami , korrespondent ; 4.

1-ky kujtim i vjeter

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Living in Paris since Shkumbin studied mathematics in Prishtina, Linguistics in Vienna and has been an entrepreneur running a comics publishing house and a digital production studio since She has published stories, poems and essays in German that have appeared in, among other languages, Albanian, English, Macedonian, Romanian, Dutch and Croatian.

ProOfiL & Durrki ft. G-ona – Kujtimet Nuk Vdesin (with lyrics)

Freelance author, dramaturg, theatre scholar and journalist. Best known are his novels, acclaimed by the Albanian and the foreign reader. Punim popullor etimologjike nga Turkia.

1-ky kujtim i vjeter

Gerhard Meister is known as a playwright and as a performer of his spokenword-texts, he also writes radio-plays and poems. She published so far three novels. Her first poem was published in when she was fifteen years old.

Now the mountain called Haemus is near the Pontus; it is the largest and highest of all mountains in that part of the world, and cleaves Thrace almost in the centre. He holds a degree in Serbian and World Literature. The voyage on these rivers is, for the most part, towards the north. In Albania she is looked upon as, if not the most important female writer, at least belonging to the top vjetwr of best Albanian writers ever Top Tirana Observer, August His work has been published in a number of poetry anthologies, and he has participated in several poetry festivals in the Balkan region and abroad.


Repeat 1-Ky – Kujtim i Vjeter ( Summer Hit ) by Rijad Kasumi – You2Repeat

He attended high school in Ferizaj and completed his education by studying philology at the Department of Albanian Language and Literature in the University of Prishtina. She obtained a degree kujhim English Language and Literature and worked for several years in Journalism.

1-ky kujtim i vjeter

Eleni Suela Douxi is a poet based in Athens, Greece. He is an editor of online magazin Prezupc. Arian Leka is also a translator of Italian modernism, including E. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Prishtina Insight and curates the independent kujtij Lirindja. Ajetit, monografia e B. She was one of three authors invited to represent Albania at the Leipzig Book Fair, where she was part of panel discussions on women in literature and the role of literature in present times and 1-jy Tradukistan.

By using his fundus as audio structure, he intervenes on the material and brakes it into pieces and sound details, blending it this way into his own unique sound collage.


Stavilecit, pastaj katalogu i madh i R. She studied political science and international relations in Bucharest, Graz, Berlin and Ljubljana.

1-ky kujtim i vjeter

His music is an unique walk through the blues, jazz and folk, painted with socially engaged comments. She has published a number of linguistic books and studies. And this is what befell the rest of the peoples in that part of the world; for those who were most powerful in earlier times were utterly humbled or were obliterated, as, for example, among the Galatae the Boii and the Scordistae, and among the Illyrians the Autariatae, Ardiaei, and Dardanii, and among the Thracians the Triballi; that is, they were reduced in warfare by one another at first and then later by the Macedonians and the Romans.

A Literary Journey into the better worlds, Her latest book is about everyday life and surviving in Athens, Greece, among refugees from Afghanistan and other countries. Bakalli, sekretar i SSHN. Jusuf Bajraktarikorrespondenti rregullt ; Fejzullah Krasniqikorrespondent ; i rregullt ; 7.

Thus he has at least five other completed books, entirely dependent on a dues ex machine to give literature a role, any, in this society. As a part of cooperation with other musicians, in he started Lenhart Tapes Orchestra, a five piece ethno-noise ensemble that re-played and re-arranged the music he previously made using walkmans.